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The greenhouse effect is unquestionably real and helps to regulate / establish the temperature of our planet. It is essential for life on Earth and is one of Earth’s natural / casual processes. It is the result of hot / heat absorption by certain gases in the biosphere / atmosphere (called greenhouse gases because they effectively ‘trap’ heat in the lower atmosphere) and re-radiation downward of some of that heat. Water vapour / spray is the most abundant greenhouse gas, followed by carbon dioxide and other trace gases. Without a natural greenhouse effect, the climate / temperature of the Earth would be about zero degrees F(-18°C) instead of its present 57°F (14°C). So, the concern is not with the fact that we have a greenhouse effect, but whether industrial / human activities are leading to an enhancement of the greenhouse effect.


3.31. Read the text Global Warming and choose the correct word after it.


Few people now (0) ..question.. the reality of global warming and its effects on the world’s climate. Many scientists (1) …….. the blame for recent natural disasters on the increase (2) …….. the world’s temperatures and are convinced that, more than (3) …….. before, the Earth is at (4) …….. from the forces of the wind, rain and sun. (5) …….. to them, global warming is making extreme weather events, (6) …….. as hurricanes and droughts, even more (7) …….. and causing sea levels all around the world to (8) …….. .

Environmental groups are putting (9) …….. on governments to take action to reduce the (10) …….. of carbon dioxide which is given (11) …….. by factories and power plants, thus attacking the problem at its source. They are in (12) …….. of more money being spent on research into solar, wind and wave energy devices, which could then replace existing power (13) …….. .

Some scientists, (14) …….., believe that even if we stopped releasing carbon dioxide and other gases into the atmosphere tomorrow, we would have to wait (15) …….. hundred years to notice the results. Global warming, it seems, is here to stay.


0 A) hesitate B) question C) disagree D) concern

1. A) give B) put C) take D) have

2. A) in B) at C) by D) to

3. A) yet B) never C) once D) ever

4. A) threat B) danger C) risk D) harm

5. A) Concerning B) Regarding C) Depending D) According

6. A) such B) just C) even D) well

7. A) strict B) severe C) strong D) heavy

8. A) raise B) arise C) rise D) lift

9. A) force b) pressure C) persuasion D) encouragement

10. A) amount B) deal C) number D) count

11. A) off B) away C) up D) over

12. A) belief B) request C) favour D) suggestion

13. A) factories B) generations C) houses D) stations

14. A) but B) although C) despite D) however

15. A) several B) over C) numerous D) various


3.32. Choose the correct word.


Thresham Valley under Water?

Plans to turn much of the Thresham Valley into a large puddle / reservoir to provide drinking water for the local area have received mixed reactions. Local councilors have praised the scheme, arguing that the environmental and economic benefits of flooding / pouring the valley will far outweigh the disadvantages. Several small rural / urban communities – two villages, three hamlets and two farms – in the valley will disappear, however.

Date: 2016-04-22; view: 1865

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