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Sunny / sun / hot / snows / snow / snowy / wind / windy / cold / cool / cloud / cloudy / warm / foggy / fog / humid / wet / drizzle / flood / floods / storm

3.2. Match each word with a word from the box.

stones drift storm warning rain wave pour


thunder torrential down heat hail snow gale


3.3. Complete the scales which get stronger from left to right.

a) …….. → wind → …….. → …….. → hurricane

b) boiling → …….. → warm →…….. → …….. → cold → ……..

c) damp → …….. → pour down → …….. →……..→ the ……..


3.4.True (T) or false (F)?If a sentence is false, write a true sentence.

1. It often pours with rain in the desert.

2. It gets quite chilly in the desert in the evening.

3. Thunder makes a noise.

4. Lightning can kill people.

5. Drought is a long period of rain.

6. A spell of hot weather may end in a thunderstorm.

7. If it is humid, the air will be very dry.

8. Below zero, water turns to ice.

9. Heavy rain means that it is pouring with rain.

10. When it’s foggy you need sunglasses.

11. A shower is a gentle breeze.

12. In the Tropics there is usually torrential rain most days.

13. In the Far North freezing weather often continues till September.

14. In the Tropics there is usually torrential rain most days, and the roads often get flooded.


3.5. Fill in the correct word from activity 3.1.

1. A …….. is over 100 km per hour and can be dangerous.

2. A period of very hot weather often ends with …….. .

3. Rain for a short period of time is a …….. .

4. When it is hot, you still get a lovely …….. off the sea.

5. We had really thick …….. this morning.

6. –2°C (two degrees below zero Celsius/Centigrade or minus two degrees) is very …….. and freezing for Brazilians.

7. +35°C (thirty five degrees above zero Celsius/Centigrade or plus thirty five degrees) is …….. for England and very unusual.

8. The first …….. arrive and the roads become icy.

9. …….. were battering the roof of our car.

10. I think it’s going to rain, the sky is …….. .

11. We had a …….. last summer, it did not rain for six weeks.

12. Smog is a mixture of …….. and pollution.


3.6. Read these sentences (1-10) and then use the words in bold to complete the sentences below (a-j).

1. Have you heard the weather forecast for tomorrow? They say it’s going to be hot and humid.

2. “It’s pouring with rain” means that it’s raining heavily.

3. A drought is a shortage of water. Usually because it hasn’t rained for a long time.

4. A blizzard is a severe snowstorm.

5. In a thunderstorm, you see lightning and you hear thunder.

6. A Mediterranean climate is generally hot in the summer and mild in the winter.

7. The sky was overcast, it wasn’t very bright and all you could see was cloud.

8. Temperature is measured in degrees.

9. When there’s a gale, the wind is blowing very strongly.

10. 120° Fahrenheit is equivalent to about 49° Centigrade/Celsius.


a) It must have been at least 45 …….. in the shade.

b) The world’s …….. was very different when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

c) Maybe we should postpone the match; the …….. is really bad for tomorrow.

d) Do you remember the …….. of 1997? We were snowed in for days.

e) There’s no reason to be afraid of the ……..; as long as you stay indoors there’s no danger of being struck by lightning.

f) It was blowing a …….. when I cycled home last night; it was hard to stop the bike from getting blown over.

g) The South West can expect a top temperature this afternoon of 38 degrees …….. .

h) “Don’t go out yet. It’s ……… . You’ll get soaked.”

i) …….. and famine are not the most serious problems facing East Africa; war and corruption are.

j) Even though it was the middle of summer, it was so …….. every day that we didn’t get a chance to sunbathe once.

Note:Celsius – a scale of temperature in which water freezes at 0° and boils at 100°. Fahrenheit – a scale of temperature in which water freezes at 32° and boils at 212°.

3.7. Choose the correct word.

1. Before we set off, we listened to the climate / weather forecast.

2. Paul saw a flash of lightning / thunder and then heard a lightning / thunderclap.

3. The traffic had to slow down because of the thick fog / vapour.

4. There won’t be much rain. It’s only a short shower / stream.

5. Spring is my favourite season / term of the year.

6. Last summer was very hot, and there was a real heatwave / temperature.

7. Look at those clouds! There’s going to be a blast / storm.

8. On a hot day in summer, I look forward to the chilly / cool evening.

9. We were caught in the rain and damp / soaked to the skin.

10. In the morning there was half a metre of ice / snow blocking the road.


3.8. Choose the correct answer.

1. There’s been a …….. in Germany and a village was completely destroyed.

a) flood b) drizzle c) shower d) smog

2. Dinosaurs have been …….. for millions of years.

a) endangered b) extinct c) threatened d) disappeared

3. It’s sunny, but there’s a very cold …….. so don’t forget your coat.

a) blowing b) air c) wind d) gas

4. If you ask me, …….. waste is a much bigger problem than ordinary household waste.

a) industrial b) business c) working d) employer

5. As towns grow, they tend to destroy the surrounding …….. areas.

a) urban b) commercial c) land d) rural

6. Jill put her Wellington boots on and, as soon as it stopped raining, went out to play in the …….. .

a) reservoirs b) lakes c) puddles d) ponds

7. The weather was …….., I was wearing two pairs of gloves and my fingers were still cold.

a) foggy b) freezing c) damp d) boiling

8. Let’s go outside and enjoy the …….. while it lasts.

a) breeze b) blizzard c) sunshine d) neighbourhood


3.9. Fill in the gaps with the word from the box:

conditions / spells / seasons / climate / degrees / temperature / forecast


On the whole, the 1) …….. in Britain is fairly mild. Although there are four 2) …….. – summer, autumn, winter and spring – many people say there are only two: cold and not-so-cold! The 3) …….. today is around five 4) …….. Centigrade, although the weather 5) …….. has promised sunny 6) …….. . I can’t wait! I suppose the weather 7) …….. aren’t bad for the time of year.


3.10. Fill in the correct word derived from the word in bold.


Forecasts might warn us about threats posed by the weather but imagine if we could take control of the weather and prevent (1) …….. weather conditions in the first place. DANGER
Controlling the weather may be the (2) …….. technological BIG
challenge we face. For a long time, (3) …….. have dreamed SCIENCE
of (4) …….. artificial clouds to bring rain to areas hit by drought, CREATE
but it’s much (5) …….. to do than they expected, with each part HARD
having an (6) …….. on all the others. The scientists may feel they EFFECTIVE
are (7) …….. their time, but success could save millions of lives. WASTE


3.11. Find the odd word out.

breeze gale blustery frost

damp hazy wet humid

scorching stifling boiling chilly

drought tornado flood thunder

shower drizzle rain downpour

snow blizzard rain snowdrift

3.12. Match the two parts of the sentences.

1. A sudden gust of wind a) and she had forgotten her umbrella.
2. It was a hot, humid day, b) under the shadow of the trees.
3. It was pouring with rain c) and matches are never cancelled.
4. We stopped at a cool, grassy area d) mountains were veiled in mist.
5. I think I’ll walk to work – e) blew the paper out of his hand.
6. Hurricanes happen in the Western Atlantic Ocean, f) because of sleet and snow.
7. The team now have their own all-weather stadium g) and the only sound was the buzzing of insects.
8. We couldn’t see anything h) because the car was stuck in a blizzard.
9. The scenery was mysterious, i) it’s only drizzling.
10. We were very upset j) typhoons happen in the Western Pacific Ocean.


3.13. What types of weather are bad and good for doing these things?

Model: Skiing bad: mild weather which makes the snow melt;

good: cold, clear days

1. Planting flowers in a garden

2. Having an evening barbecue

3. Going out in a small sailing boat

4. A day of sightseeing in a big city

5. Camping out in a tent

6. Looking at ships through binoculars


3.14. This chart shows anyone who wants to visit the West of Ireland what weather to expect at different times of the year. Make a similar chart for your country or home region.

December – March coldest months usually quite wet; snow on high ground
April – June generally cool, often wet and windy but improving
July – August warmest months bright with showers; cool sea breezes
September – November often mild becoming cold; mist and fog


3.15. What kinds of weather do you think caused the following to happen? Write a sentence which could go before each of these.

Model: July was really boiling.We had to sit in the shade every afternoon.

1. We had to sit in the shade every afternoon.

2. The sweat was pouring out of us.

3. I can hardly breathe; I wish it would rain to cool us down.

4. Cars were skidding out of control.

5. Even the postman had to use a boat to get around.

6. They had to close the airport; the snow was a metre deep.

7. We were able to sit in the garden in the middle of winter.

8. The earth became rock-hard and a lot of plants died.

9. It blew the newspaper out of my hands.

10. A row of big trees had been uprooted like matchsticks.

11. I could hardly see my hand in front of my face.


3.16. Read the text The Russian Climate and do the exercises after it.

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