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National values and assumptions in the English-speaking countries.

Most Americans would have a different time telling what the values are which Americans live by.

Even of Americans had considered this question, they would probable decide not to answer in terms of a definite list of values. The reason for this decision is itself one American value – individualism.

They believe that every individual is unique, completely and marvellously unique totally different from all other individuals and therefore, particularly precious and wonderful. Americans think they are more individualistic in their thoughts and actions than they really are. They take pride in claiming more individualism than in fact, they actually have.

An American can take credit only for what he accomplished by himself without any outside assistance. It expresses initiative, another typical feature of the nation.

Americans rely on themselves only. They know that they have to work hard to climb the difficult ladder of success. And they do work hard to gain the aim. The fact leads to Americans being known as workaholics. But it does not mean they like to work – they just have to work. They are participants of a great race for success.

American ways of life lead them to be considered as a rather materialistic people. It means that they value and collect more material objects that most of the world’s people would ever dream possible to own. It also means that they give a higher priority to obtaining, protecting and maintaining their material objects than they do in developing and enjoying personal relationships with people.

Their personal relationships are rather particular. Hey are considered to be direct and their directness does not observe the rule of subtle and highly ritualistic way of informing people of unpleasant news. Such kind of relationships is closely connected with another typical American feature as informality. They express it in their communication and dress. Besides American like change and believe the equality is one of heir most cherished value. Americans see the values to be positive, though they are not aware of other people do so too.

There are certain stereotypes of national character which are known as British traits.

People in modern Britain are very conscious about class differences, though many people say they don’t approve f class divisions. The main criteria for class division are money and accent.

The British are cling to intellectualism. Teachers and academic staff although respected, don’t have as high status as they do most other countries. Even the word “clever” has negative connotation.

Britain is usually claimed as “the land of tradition”, but in their private lives the British are less inclined to follow traditions. They just like old things, old houses, pubs looking old, regarding them as symbols of stability and safer times.

The British are individualists: they are proud of being different. Tourists usually describe the British as a very unfriendly nation, but that is not true. One should differentiate between unfriendliness and informality. When people aren’t playing a public role – there seem to be no rules at all. The key is this: being friendly in Britain often evolves showing that you are not bothering with the formalities. The British also tend to have essensual attitudes to animals.

The values and assumptions listed above are not complete. We can enumerate them endlessly for both the nations. But we sat nothing in a number of words if we don’t communicate at least with one British and American. As they say the best way to know the country is to visit country.



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