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Radio in Great Britain.

Radio has a predominantly day-time audience with the peak listening hours at breakfast and lunch time, whlV portable and car radios encourage listening at other times during the day . Radio services provide a range of programmes for both national and local audiences and cater for widely differing tastes. There arc five national BBC radio stations: the BBC regional radio services for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and BBC local radio stations in England, and independent local radio services provided by stations throughout Britain.


BBC Radio's five national radio services each have a distinct character and together provide for the listener a wide immediate choice throughout the day. Radio 1 is a rock and pop music station, catering for all tastes from the charts to new music, classic oldies, heavy metal, dance and world music There are also documentaries, comedy, quizzes, news, social action campaigns and live concerts.

Radio 2 prides itself on being a 24-hour entertainment network with a daytime mix of good music and conversation, complemented by Jazz, big bands, country, folk, blues and light classical music In the evenings and at weekends. The schedule is interspersed with some of the most popular quiz shows on radio. The network not only provides news summaries on the hour every hour, 24 hours a day, but also brings you the news an soon as It happens. Taken together, Radios 1 and 2 account for nearly 80 per cent of radio listening.

Radio 3 is the BBC’s classical music network. During the day, it also broadcasts Jazz and traditional music from around the world, and speech programmes about music. In the evenings,BBC Radio 3 becomes a mixed cultural network though still music led. Programmes Include drama, documentaries, science, poetry I and arts discussions. The network draws on the resources of the BBC's five symphony orchestras, commissions over 30 new works a year and broadcasts all the Proms.

Radio 4 is news and current affairs channel. It broadcasts news of the day, political discussions, traffic information, weather forecasts, topical plays and daily variety of special interest programmes and programmes for people with disabilities. There are plays every day and humour with sit-coms, quizzes and satire.

Radio 5 (launched In 19907) is Britain’s newest national network and combines sport, education, programmes for young people and a selection of BBC World Service broadcasts. Radio 5, is the sports network with live coverage of all major "national and international events. It also offers a range of programmes for the whole family with children’s stories, playa and magazines, programmes for young adults every evening and family magazines, plus education from pre-school to Open University.

In addition to the five national BBC Radio networks, services exist for listeners in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and are available to moat of the population of these areas. The BBC local radio station provide programmes of local news and information.


The BBC broadcasts by radio to most countries overseas (in 38 languages Including English) for a total of 705 hours a week. The main objectives are to give unbiased news, to reflect British opinion and to project British life, culture and development In science and industry.

She BBC English by Radio and Television Service is the moat extensive language teaching undertaking In the world. English lessons are broadcast weekly by radio with explanations in other languages, and recorded lessons are supplied to the stations in about 90 countries!



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