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Chapter 2. The business-and market strategy

In my opinion, the strategy's objective of Mofjell should be the link between the unique combination of services that these hotels suggest and discriminative hotel visitors. They should pay much more attention on their guests, on the problem of quality and cost value as opposite to merely the bottom line costs associated with their stay.

Such marketing strategy could allow them to reach brand values, cultivate narrow working relationships with both consumers and suppliers and to distinguish the clients' wants in the best way. (Ferrell et al, 2012) Ongoing distinction and growth are two main goals Mofjell sets. Growth can occur from targeting new markets via both local and national networks.

Critical Issues

As we could see earlier, Mofjell possess many strengths, for example differentiation strategy, flat structure and highly skilled and well-trained staff. The weaknesses include the necessity to let strategy know more clearly towards the external environment, high staff turnover and training requirements in order to to seasonal imbalance. Notwithstanding, there are still many threats about a rival brand entering the market, but there are also some opportunities as the high level of clients being dependent on the particular services and solid stance inside the network with both customers and suppliers.

Critical issues for the Mofjell include:

Keeping on differentiation from rivalry and offering advantages to customers.

Retaining present levels of repeat business and mastering complementary customer loyalty in a rival market.

Attracting new market segments.

Becoming as a supportive partake in some network.

Financial Objectives

Enhancing corporate contract tariffs in order to represent the return of trust in the corporate travel market.

Keeping pay bill expenses turning down and reducing the level of overtime within the workforce.

Marketing Objectives

Communicating vital objectives to the target markets in effective way.

Providing a reliable experience to all the customers.

Reaching targets growth within the present time and budget.

Widening markets and identifying new ones.

Target Market Strategy

Mofjell primary targets continue to be professional visitors to the region from the following industries, where annual corporate contracts can be entered into:

Travel trade

IT industry


Local firms can be targeted for day use of conference facilities, room nights for visiting executives and long stay clients.


It is crucial for the Mofjell Hotel success to make sure that the hotel is maintain to the highest level in order to hold the high quality branding that Mofjell properties are famous for. That messaging will represent those high standards, which they want to be linked with in the mind of consumer. (Peck et al, 2013) They can also print materials with high quality photos on high quality paper. It could be substantial to spend a little bit more on marketing to guarantee, that they preserve "high quality" message in perception of the customers.

To conclude, we can summarize all the key factors for Mofjell steady growth and financial stability:

Keeping on the development of ongoing relationships with regular and new clients;

Proceeding the development and implement of a strong bond plan in both national and international markets;

Leveraging their power on the native market as a member of the network by supporting local events;

Distinguishing new markets for the services like University-based target groups;

Continuing the ongoing staff training and skill development in order to assure the highest standards of service.

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