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Work in pairs. Read recommendations how to overcome some difficulties in telephone conversation and dictate email addresses given below to the partner.

The most difficult problem in telephone conversation is giving information connected with numbers. Mistakes in digits may cost much for both sides.

Let’s consider a telephone number: 0141 333 2258.

You should say “Oh(zero)-one-four-one, triple three, double two, five- eight”.

Remember that each digit is spoken separately, unless it’s a double or triple.

If you are saying the email address by the phone, mention that @ is pronounced as “at” and “.” is called “dot”. If you need to say “/” call it “forward slash” and “-“ call a “hyphen” or a “dash”. The “_” sigh of underlining is pronounced as an “underscore”.





Work in pairs. Read the text, put the words into the gaps, and discuss with your partner what else could be suggested in difficult telephone conversations.

a) who, b) so, c) by, d) to, e) under, f) up, g) why, h) a, i) in, j) have  

How to deal with difficult people on the phone

One of the skills required of today’s successful business people is the ability to deal with difficult people on the phone. We have come 1._____with some advice to help business people get the best from the caller.

First of all, accept that people can be rude when they are 2.______ pressure. Try to find out 3.______ they are angry – even if you have to guess. And, importantly, never get angry back. Many problems are caused by a simple misunderstanding. Therefore it is essential 4.______ remain calm so that you can get to the root of the problem and thus have 5.______better chance of resolving it. Understand that maintaining your calm is much easier than it sounds – but you can prepare 6.______ designing a strategy. Most call centers train staff 7.______ these techniques; other office workers need to train themselves. The trick is to be really nice back 8.______ that they end up thanking you for your help, understanding and assistance.

Secondly, listen carefully and empathize with the person making the complaint. You don’t 9.______ to compromise your company or your colleagues just because show understanding. Agree to a course of action and stick to it and finally, always try to be courteous. Sometimes you are the one 10.______ will have to apologize and you just have to accept that.



In most lines of the following text (but not in all) there is ONE unnecessary word. It is either grammatically incorrect or does not fit in with the sense of the text. Find all these words and present the full proper version of the text.

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Look through the phrases given below. Distribute them into 2 columns of safe and unsafe topics. Name each topic according to the model. | Read the text and answer the question which is in the heading of the text.
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