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I International Scientific Conference of Young Scientists and Students

"Ukraine's integration into the European Union. Problems and prospects of reform in young scholars’ opinion"

April 2016


Dear colleagues!

We invite you to take part in the Ist International scientific conference of young scientists and students "Ukraine's integration into the European Union. Problems and prospects of reform in young scholars’ opinion"

Sadova Street, Irpin

Financial details

The participants expenses (accommodation, meals) are covered by organizing committee.

The registration fee is 30 ˆ for full-time participation. The correspondence participation is 10 ˆ. Payment details will be sent in an additional message after reviewing by the organizing committee. Participation in the conference for Doctors is free.



To participate you must send:

1. Application for participation in the conference in the form attached


2. The electronic version of the article.

3. Scanned copy of the scientific supervisor (for persons without academic degree).

4. Scanned copy of the payment receipt for the registration fee.

The above mentioned materials should be sent until March 15, 2016, till 8pm to the email address ntk_fpm@mail.ru



Priority directions of the conference:

1. European Union: history, politics, management.

2. The integration of Ukraine into the EU: current situation, problems and prospects of further cooperation.

3. Public service in Ukraine in accordance with European standards.

4. National Security of Ukraine in terms of European integration

5. Public administration in terms of European integration processes.

6. Current issues of educational reform to improve the competitiveness of Ukrainian specialists in the European labor market.



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