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will come; will phone; arrive

Will come; comes; will speak

will have come; come; will speak

is coming; come; speak


2. Ted is looking for a job. He is a good worker and I hope that by the end of the month he will have found a good job.

will find; is going to find; will have found; is finding


3. She is not sure if she will find his telephone number in the telephone directory.

will find; will have found; finds; will be finding


4. By the beginning of next month the firm will have been functioning for four years.

will function; will have been functioning; is functioning; will have functioned


5. I don't know his address, but I will get it for you, if you want it.

will get; will be getting; am getting; will have got


6. My father is repairing our car. We hope that by Sunday he will have repaired it.

will have repaired; will repair; will be repairing; will have been repairing


7. Where are you going to work after you graduate from the University?

are you going to; you are going to; will you; you will


8. By the time Mother comes home Peter will have eaten all the ice-cream.

will eat; will have eaten; will have been eating; will be eating


9. I will come to London tomorrow; I will phone you when I arrive

will come; will phone; arrive

am coming; will phone; arrive

will be coming; phone; will arrive

will have come; phone; arrives


10. My parents are returning from Italy next Monday at 7 p.m. So this time next Monday I will be meeting them at the airport.

will meet; will be meeting; will have met; will have been meeting


11. If I meet George tomorrow, I will tell him to come and see you.

Meet; will meet; am going to meet; will be meeting


12. I can't meet you this evening. A friend of mine is coming to see me.

will come; will have come; is coming; comes


13. I will be back soon. I hope you will have finished your translation by the time I come.

will have finished; will finish; will be finishing; will have been finishing


14. She is in the country now and she will be staying there for another week.

will have been staying; will be staying; will stay; will have stayed


15. By this time next year Professor Smith will have been lecturing on the subject for five years.

will be lecturing; will have been lecturing; will lecture; will have lectured


16. Mary wants to speak with you. Please tell her that I will call her as soon as I'm free.

will call will have called will have been calling


17. Let's meet at eleven o'clock tomorrow. Sorry, I will be working at eleven o'clock.

will be working will have worked will have been working


18. Say goodbye to Ann now. By the time you return, she will have left for New York.

will be leaving will have left will have been leaving


19. By 2020, he will have been working as the director of this company for thirty years.

will work will be working will have been working


20. Why don't you ask Jim for help? I'm sure that he will help you.

will help will have helped will have been helping


21. Please don't ring the doorbell when you get here. My baby will be sleeping .

will be sleeping will have slept will have been sleeping


22. Where are you going to spend your vacation? I don't know yet. Maybe we will go to Italy next summer.

will go will have gone will have been going


23. She promised that she wouldn't tell him about it.

won't tell wouldn't tell won't have told wouldn't have told


24. Oh, you'll recognize him. He will be wearing a brown leather jacket and a red scarf.

will be wearing will have worn will have been wearing


25. She buys too many things. She will have spent all her money long before her next pay.

will be spending; will have spent; will have been spending


26. Tomorrow I will be painting (paint) all day.

will be painting; will paint; will be paint


27. By the time we get there, the store will have closed (close).

will close; will have closed; closed


28. I will see (see) you tomorrow at 3:00 PM.

will see; see; will be seeing


29. After we finish this video, I will have seen (see) all of this director's movies.

will see; will be seeing; will have seen


30. P1: Can I come over in an hour? P2: No, I will be cleaning (clean) the house.

will clean; will be cleaning; clean


31. This time next week I will be drinking (drink) wine in Argentina.

will drink; drink; will be drinking


32. She doesn't realize what kind of person he is, but she will find out (find out).

will find out; will be finding out; will have found out


33. She insulted me. I will never speak (speak) to her again!

will never speak; will never be speaking; will have never spoken


34. If he continues drinking so fast, he will have drunk (drink) the whole bottle by midnight.

will drink; will have drunk; will be drinking


35. She won't tell (tell) me when her birthday is.

will not have told; will not be telling; won't tell


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