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To Get Sight of Selected Card



ASIMPLE plan of catching a glimpse of a selected card is to have it inserted at the end and prevent the


spectator from pushing it quite home by squeezing the deck. Then, with the card protruding about a quarter of an inch. covertly turn the deck: partially over by passing it to the other hand, and get sight of the index.


Another and better plan is to push the selected card through diagonally, and square up, leaving it protruding at the inner end. In this case the index is at the diagonal corner and more easily seen, and the fact of the card protruding can be covered completely.


Still another plan is to insert the left little finger under the inserted card and slightly tilt up inner left hand corner to note the index.


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The Slide



HOLD the deck in the left hand, back to palm, fingers and thumb at opposite sides. Show face of deck to


company, then turn it down, and with tips of third and little fingers slide the bottom card half an inch or so towards wrist (see Fig. 97), and draw the next card out at end with right hand fingers. Of course this has the appearance of drawing off the card just shown to the company.


It is a form of exchange that may be occasionally employed.


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Favorite Sleights for Terminating Tricks



Catching Two Cards at Fingertips



A favorite manner of terminating a trick that requires the production of two selected cards is to bring one to top and one to bottom, then toss the deck in the air a yard or so straight upwards, retaining the top and bottom cards by pressure and friction of thumb and fingers, then thrusting the hand among the cards as they descend, apparently finding the selected cards in the act.


Leaving Selected Card in Hand of Spectator



A plan for the production of a single card, as the last of a series, is to bring it to the bottom face up and request a spectator to hold the deck firmly by the corner, thumb on top. By striking the deck forcibly from above all the cards will fall from his hand save the selected card, which is retained by the friction of the fingers and left face up in his hand.


The Revolution



This is a great favorite for terminating certain tricks, and has a very showy appearance. If the top card is pushed over the side about half an inch, and the deck dropped flatly on the table from a point of perhaps twelve or fifteen inches above it, the top card will turn over in the descent and lie fairly on top of the deck;, face exposed. The turn is caused by the resistance of the air against the protruding side. The facts that the card to be produced is on top, and that a card is pushed over, are concealed.


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