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Current trends in the international system relations

First of all, the very modern system of internationalrelations is in transition
state, it interacts traditional, you can even say, the centuries-old power and new patterns that appear on our
eyes, the factors and trends. Since the Peace of Westphalia, recorded
nearly 350 years an international system based on force interaction,
"Collision" of national states, the balance of power, alliances and confrontation
etc., in world politics, new actors and new trends
global scale. TNCs and international organizations, global
communication, global economic interdependence, the changing role of the military
factor, the spread is largely a single mass culture, the intertwining
domestic and international problems, the wave of global democratization and
etc. - all this now defines the new face of internationalrelations.


add to the above, and the fact that we ourselves own decisions and actions
immediately creates a new world system, participate in its development. Such
turning point in history the subjective factor, our political reporting
and ideas, concepts and strategies chosen by us were of particular importance. In
internationalrelations, as in politics in general, the result is not determined
Only folding objective circumstances and objectively valid
factors, but also subjective, if you will - will power moments. Today it is not
only opens up new political opportunities, but also imposes on the parties
contemporary internationalrelations responsibilities.


internationalrelations are distinguished not only unprecedented dynamics, but
complexity and multidimensionality. The bipolar world of the Cold War has faded into oblivion, and
replace him came not unipolar (as it may otherwise dreamed of politicians and
theorists), and dynamic - and in different vectors and measurements
- New and complex global system that is inherently a multi-polar and multi-dimensional.
Figuratively speaking, the time "Euclidean geometry" in world politics is over.
It's time for a much more complex and multidimensional political equations, and their
many variables and still not completely defined.


seems you should not interpret the idea of multipolarity simplistic. It is time to overcome himself
type of foreign policy thinking in the plane like a "checkerboard"
(or worse, a "billiard table"). The new multiplicity of poles of the world --
not the same thing that the battle over two "queens" in an international game. Sama
"Game" comes in various dimensions: economic, military-strategic,
geo-political, diplomatic, cultural, ideological, communications and
etc. And within each such "plane" - their leading "players", their rules and


should pay attention to the fact that the emergence of a modern system of international
relations, despite the new global trends, to overcome the polarizing
conflict and the formation of the elements of a single world community does not
amount finally comes to world politics of stability and harmony,
order and progress. There are new destabilizing forces and trends
"Wake up" the old, often based on archaic conflicts, born
conflicts "new generation". New local, primarily ethnopolitical
conflicts, the new stress on North - South cooperation, the variety of new, not always
combined with each other international regimes, new migratory flows,
leading, in particular, to a new, not integrated into the developed
lower class of society, political and other destabilization as a result of global
regime change (ie the "wave of democratization"), etc. - all this we must also
into account when analyzing and attempting to conceptualize the modern international


question - is the politico-legal regime of internationalrelations. Qualitative
changes in world politics,can not help but influence and,
seemingly well-established rules that are designed to regulate behavior
members of international interaction. As is known, attempts to rethink
set of basic principles of public international law is not taken
only scientists. Some countries and block associations in a new, unconventional
interpret some of the fundamental provisions of international law, or even
turn a blind eye. The related issues are also addressed in


issues of contemporary international research much more difficult, to
Besides, modern internationalrelations have not yet constitute
finally matured system, still in the process
dynamic formation. This is still great scientific and political challenge
scholars and practitioners. I hope that our textbook will be useful to all those who
himself to the complex and fascinating task of studying the modern world
policy, contemporary internationalrelations.

Date: 2015-01-11; view: 1714

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