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À) The Federal Aviation Administration's program is aimed at to replace the current air traffic control system with a system based on satellite technology.

The software program is the main tool air traffic controllers will use to identify and track aircraft, except when planes are immediately approaching and departing airports. The software program is expected to increase the number of planes controllers can handle by nearly two-thirds. That system is used by controllers to track planes as they approach and depart airports October 05, 2011 Air News Times

b) Look at some of program's problems that have been made public and discuss them in pairs. Make notes of the potential problems andthe advantages of the modifications. In pairs, discuss the main precautions you think should be taken by software program’s developers with regard to the existing hazards. Mind the use of highlighted language in the text:

The FAA's program is being held back by software problems that have delayed full deployment of a critical flight tracking system. The agency also hasn't set deadlines for when key aspects of the new air traffic control system will be in place. Nor has FAA made clear to airlines and other air traffic system users exactly what benefits they can expect and when they'll be achieved.As a result, airlines and others are being discouraged from spending money on cockpit equipment necessary to take advantage of the new air traffic system. Many of the new system's benefits hinge on airlines equipping their planes with expensive new equipment to communicate with air traffic controllers and broadcast their location to other planes and controllers. The program's persistent problems, including glitches that incorrectly identify planes and interfere with the ability of controllers to pass along responsibility for tracking a plane from one control center to another, have raised concerns about the overall design of the system.

c) Read the e-mail on the strategies for preventing and dealing with technical problems in aviation and discuss them. Mind the use of highlighted language in the text:

The FAA has focused much of its initial NextGen efforts on improving the flow of air traffic at congested airports in 21 major metropolitan areas. The agency's NextGen modernization program will be as revolutionary for civil aviation as was the advent of radar six decades ago. It's actually a collection of new programs aimed at moving planes faster and more efficiently that will markedly change almost every major aspect of today's air traffic system. Those changes are considered critical to enabling the system to absorb substantial predicted increases in air traffic without becoming paralyzed by congestion.

However, the agency has been slow in developing the flight procedures that will allow airlines to save fuel and time by flying shorter, more direct routes. The FAA did a study that identified ways to streamline the process for deploying new procedures, but agency officials estimate it would take five years just to put the streamlining initiatives in place.

D) Student A is a safety officer. Student B is an engineering manager. In pairs, discuss suitable safety precautions and engineering works that should be carried out by software program’s developers. Swap roles and practices again. Use the words and expressions in the box.

an advantage/disadvantage of this format is…. the problem with this system is… this (shape/feature) allows to/helps to/makes it easy to/ makes it difficult to… as far as I know… that’s an important consideration… There is a risk of…-ing

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