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Speak about the UN role in current international relations.

December 26th, 2011

An international organization is an organization scope or character. There are two main types of international organizations: international intergovernmental organizations, whose members are sovereign states; and non-governmental organizations which are private organizations. International organizations can be categorized in two main ways: by their membership and by their function.

The role that international organization can play depends on the interests of their members. States establish and develop international organizations to achieve objectives that they cannot achieve on their own. States will not permit international organizations to do things that constitute, in the eyes of these states, interference in their internal affairs. There are various kinds of meetings to exchange information to bring countries together with a view to having them cooperate or agree on a course of action to be pursued, and it is a very common function of international organizations.

The UN is an international organization whose stated aims are to facilitate cooperation in international law, international security, economic development, social progress and human rights issues. The united Nations was founded in 1945 to replace the league of Nations, in the hope that it would intervene in conflicts between nations and thereby would help to avoid war. There are now 192 UN member states, encompassing almost every recognized independent states and Russia as well. The stated aims of the UN are to maintain international peace and security? To safeguard human rights, to provide a mechanism for international law and to promote social and economic progress, improve living standards and fight diseases. It provides the opportunity for countries to balance global interdependence and national interests when addressing international problems. Toward these ends it ratified a Universal Declaration of Human rights in 1948.

The UN is a universal organization covering the whole world and practically the whole spectrum of international problems.

At present time the UN is aimed at achieving the millennium goals. These are the following:

1. eradicate extreme poverty and hunger

2. achieve universal primary education

3. promote gender equality

4. reduce child mortality

5. improve maternal health

6. combat AIDS, malaria and other diseases

7. ensure environmental sustainability

8. develop a global partnership for development

Although the UN international reputation was repeatedly undermined, which let many experts and even nations consider the UN the thing of the past, this organization has also proved its viability. Russia, f.ex, is always for bolstering up the role of the UN as the central instrument for settling international relations for it meets the interests of international stability and every state. Nevertheless, all member-states have agreed upon the UN reform, which is indispensable nowadays. It is a question of expanding the UN Security Council, increasing of UN performance, establishment of the Human Rights Council which is to replace the Commission on Human Rights. Russia is enthusiastic about the UN reform, asserting that it will make the organization more capable of dealing with modern threats and challenges. Of course, the Security Council also needs to be overhauled. If new seats are created, Russia believes a series of strong and worthy candidates will aspire for them. Russia wants to see Germany as a new permanent Security Council member, whilst the USA insists on Japan.

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