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To be on TV channel; switch over to another channel

Coverage, (BBC) coveragen the way an event or subjectis reported in the news; substantial coverage

To presentv news, events, a show, somebody; presentation

Household name- someone or something whose name has become very well known

make a household name. Microsoft has become a household name.

Advertise v to advertise something on TV or radio, in magazines or newspapers, or on large public notices, in order to persuade people to buy it. Advertisement (also ad, advert) is used for advertising things, such as notice on the wall or in a newspaper, or a short film shown on TV. You shouldn't advertise the news.

Commercialsn is an advertisement on TV or radio. They are shown in commercial breaks between programmes.

Slogan = catchphrasen a short phrase expressing a political or advertising message

Logon a small pattern or picture that is a sign of a particular organization; eye-catching logo

Gimmick n a trick or object which is used only to attract people’s attention; a clever idea or thing; advertising/ promotional gimmick

The press usually refers just to newspapers, but the term can be extended to include magazines. Newspapers are either tabloid, a format usually associated with the popular press, or broadsheet, associated with quality journalism. People who disapprove of the tabloids very strongly sometimes call them the gutter press

Tabloids often have very large circulation (the average number of copies sold) and even bigger readership, total number or type of people reading them

Distribute nationwide v to spread out over a whole country

Editorsare people in charge of newspaper content. The people who write for them are journalists, sometimes referred to informally as journos or insultingly as hacks

Editorial also leader, leading article an article in a newspaper giving the paper’s opinion on a matter, rather than reporting information. It is often written by or for the editor

Cover storya story to go with the picture on the cover of a magazine

A featurea special long article in a newspaper or magazine

Review a magazine or newspaper article that gives a judgment on a new book, play, TV show

Classifiedadvertising a small advertisement placed in a newspaper by a person wishing to sell or buy smth, offer or get employmentSensationalismthe intentional producing of excitement or shock, esp. by newspapers, magazines

In-depth analysis(sing),-ses(pl)/study thorough and giving careful attention to detail


B Find synonyms and synonymous expressions to the words in bold type. Provide Russian equivalents to the words and words combinations. Translate the sentences.


1. We’ll have to face (the) facts – we simply can’t afford a holiday this year. 2. Everyone admired the way she faced out the opposition in the debate. 3. Although she didn’t feel very confident, she put on a brave face and accepted the challenge. 4. In the face of great hardship, she managed to keep her sense of humor. 5. On the face of it, he appeared to be an ideal candidate for the position. 6. He knew he’d never get away with it so he decided to face the music and give himself up to the police.



1. You should seek advice from your lawyer on this matter. 3. He had majored in political science before he sought fortune and fame in New York. 3. We are earnestly seeking after the truth. 4. Our economic policies seek to increase productivity, expand markets and create jobs.


Words frequently used with seek: advice, help, refuge, asylum, permission, approval, compensation, damages, employment


1. Who is catering your daughter’s wedding? 2. Those newspapers cater to the lowest tastes.3. We hope to appeal to an audience that does not feel itself adequately catered for by existing radio stations. 4. We can accept your students at our university on a self-catering basis.



1. Smoking affects health. 2. She was deeply affected by the news of his death. 3. Government policy will not affect us. But: Government policy will not have any effect on us. 4. He feels a deep affection for a child. 5. She’s a very affectionatechild, wanting to kiss and hug you. 6. He called me a fool, or words to that effect. 7. She has made an announcement to the following effect that more people will lose their jobs.


Word combinations with effect: come/ be brought/ be put into effect, have much effect on, get/produce/achieve an effect


1. The dish is made with ingredients available in most supermarkets. 2. We'll notify you as soon as tickets become available. 3. There is no money available for this project. 4. I'm available next Tuesday if you want to meet then. 5. I'll have to check my availability before I commit myself. 6. Journalists were told that Ms Lee was unavailable for comment.



1. Ads have one thing in common: they make strong appeals to consumers' emotions. 2. This music has little appeal for me. 3. Football has popular appeal. 4. The idea of spending the night in the open didn't appeal to the travelers. 5. Max appealed to her common sense to make her change her mind.



1. It's difficult toresist a challenge like that. 2. She couldn't resist making jokes about his new bomber jacket. 3. He was unable to resist the temptation of taking the wallet. 4. Vitamin A builds resistance to infection. 5. It's just like him to take the line of least resistance. 6. The cheap loans were irresistible.


Words used with resistance: meet with/face/offer/ encounter resistance



1. Meteorites may hold clues about the origin of life on Earth. 2. Our original plan was to go to Spain, but it was too expensive. 3. She must have read the book in the original. 4. His writing shows real originality. 5. This idea didn't originate with me, but with my friend.


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