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Business is an increasingly important activity throughout the world today. Consequently, the opportunities for a business career have grown in variety and number. There are now five broad fields or areas of business that offer exciting careers: manage­ment, marketing, accounting, finance, and data processing. Within each of these fields are specific jobs in which you can specialize. For example, within the field of marketing you can specialize in market research, advertising, buying, selling, or distribution. The figure below gives an idea of the general career opportunities that are available in the various fields of business.



Exercise 1

Below is a list of terns that you will find in the text. As you read «Careers in Business,» see if you understand each term. Use this as a working list and add other terms with which you are unfamiliar.

career variety field salary aptitude demand advancement _______________ _______________   offer specialize in _______________ _______________ suitable available _______________ _______________ consequently   _______________ _______________


Exercise 2

Management, marketing, accounting, finance, and data pro­cessing may also be considered as separate classes with members of their own. Fill in the blanks below based on the information provided in Figure on page 12.


Class: _______________ Class: Management Careers

Members: Researcher Members: _____________

_______________ _____________

_______________ _____________



Class: ______________

Members: ______________




Exercise 3

In each of the examples below, three of the items are members of the same class and one is not. Cross out the one that is not a member. Then write the name of the class to which the other three belong.


a. buyer/seller/distributor

marketing careers ___________________________


b. banker/financial analyst/

stockbroker/accountant ___________________________

c. data processing/finance/

marketing/general manager ___________________________

d. computer operator/com-

­puter programmer/data

processing/systems analyst ___________________________

e. general manager/manage-

­ment/production manager/

personnel manager ___________________________

f. advertising/management/

marketing/accounting ___________________________

g. private accountant/banker/

government accountant/

bookkeeper ___________________________


Exercise 4

Some of the factors people consider when choosing jobs are listed below. Discuss each factor with your partner. Add to the list as you think of other factors. Then work alone to rank the factors according to their importance to you in choosing a job. Write the most important at the top of your list and the least important at the bottom. When you have finished, compare the results with your partner and other members of the class.


personal satisfaction ______________________ most

opportunities for advancement ______________________

salary ______________________

good hours, vacations, etc. ______________________

geographical location ______________________

type of work performed ______________________

variety of tasks ______________________

____________________ ______________________

____________________ ______________________ least


Exercise 5

Fill in the blanks below with the most appropriate terms from the list:

various demand offer specialize in salary

career aptitude advancement suitable field



Within the ______________ of accounting, there are a num­ber of areas that you might _________________. These include bookkeeping and the _______________ types of accounting. In order to choose the specific accounting job that is most _______________ , you might ask yourself how much this type of work interests you and if you have any __________

for organizing financial data. You might also consider the average

_____________ earned by a bookkeeper or accountant and the current _____________ for the work, particularly for the area in which you hope to live. Opportunity for ______________ in the accounting field is another factor that you, as a prospective bookkeeper or accountant, may wish to consider.


Exercise 6

Write definitions for the following business fields by matching a field on the left with a definition on the right. Use this definition form:

term being defined -> verb to be -> definition

1. Management — the handling of large amounts of in-

formation generated by business op-erations

2. Marketing — the measurement and communication

of financial information

3. Accounting — the acquisition and utilization of cap-

­ital in order to start up, operate, and

expand a company

4. Finance — the activities guiding a company to

accomplish its objectives

5. Data Processing — the movement of goods and services

from manufacturer to customer in

order to satisfy the customer and to

achieve the company's objectives



Chairman of the Board председатель совета

(of Directors) директоров, правления

(Chief) General Manager генеральный директор

Chief Executive President (Am) генеральный директор

Managing Director директор-распорядитель

Chief Executive Officer (Am) главный исполнительный директор корпорации (обычно президент)

Deputy Managing Director заместитель директора-


Director директор, член правления
Vice President (Am) вице-президент, член правления
Accounting Manager главный бухгалтер
Financial Manager финансовый директор
Export Manager директор по экспорту
Marketing Manager директор по сбыту
Office Manager руководитель конторы
Personnel Manager начальник отдела кадров
Production Manager директор по производству
Sales Manager коммерческий директор
Training Manager заведующий отделом повышения квалификации/ подготовки кадров
Warehouse Manager заведующий складом
Transport Manager заведующий транспортным отделом
Supervisor инспектор; лицо среднего руководящего персонала
Store Manager заведующий магазином
Goods Expert товаровед


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