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The following provisions (the "Media Rules") form part of the Participation Agreement setting out the terms and conditions of participation in the "Tournament". They set out the regulations for dealing with the media in relation to the Tournament. No Club or player may participate in the Tournament unless it/he has accepted these Media Rules and has agreed to be bound and to abide by them. Participation in the Tournament shall be deemed to signify such acceptance and agreement.

  1. Introduction

1.1. Capitalised terms used in these Media Rules shall, unless defined elsewhere in these Rules, have the meanings ascribed to them in the Tournament manual.

  1. General Obligations

2.1. Each Club shall notify the Host Union and the Company of at least one designated media officer, who shall be responsible for ensuring compliance by the Club with the requirements of these Media Rules. The media officer shall be available by mobile phone at all reasonable hours for consultation by Host Union and the Company or its designated agency.

2.2. Each Club shall display the Competition Mark on its website, which mark shall function as a hyper≠text link to the nominated website, by either/or both of the Host Union and the Company.

2.3. The Host Union in conjunction with FIRA shall provide a syndicated service relating to the Tournament (including news, updated statistics and tables). Each Club shall carry this service on a prominent part of its website.

2.4. The Host Union may, in its absolute discretion, appoint the Company to act as broker of agent or to manage or to communicate on its behalf relation to its Media Rights and its Media Rules.

  1. Clubs' Activities Relating to the Media

3.1. In all of its dealings with representatives of the media (including ail print, television, radio, Internet and other media), each Club shall comply, and shall procure that its directors officers players employees and other Staff comply with the reasonable directions of the Host Union and FIRA.

3.2. Each Club shall ensure that all representatives of the Club, in all communications made by or on behalf of or when representing the Club including all forms of media and promotional items including those prepared by the Club relating to the Club's participation in the Tournament refer to the Tournament at all times by its official title, as notified by the Host Union or the Company.

3.3. Upon request by the Host Union each Club shall procure the attendance of its team coach/manager and/or players at such media events, photographic and filming/interview sessions, and/or press conferences arranged by the Host Union or FIRA at any reasonable time and place designated by Host Union or FIRA. The Host Union shall be responsible for the dressing of all such media events and for press conferences (i e., backdrops, posters, trophy, etc.).

3.4. Each Club shall, and shall procure that its representatives shall use best endeavours in all dealings with the public and the media to enhance the reputation of the Tournament, and the Commercial Partners. Each Club shall ensure that none of its representatives, including its players, coaches, officers, directors and other Staff, makes any public statement or writes or contributes to any media article that criticizes damages or brings into disrepute in any way the Tournament, or any Commercial Partners.

3.5. The Host Union may impose terms of accreditation on media representatives wishing to attend the Tournament.

3.6. Each Club shall, upon request by the Host Union, provide opportunities for the Broadcast Partnersí commentators to familiarise themselves with the Club's players, including giving them access to the final training session before the Tournament.

3.7. The Host Union shall organise and stage a post-Tournament press conference or pitch side interviews. Each Club shall procure the attendance at such post-Match press conference of at least the Head Coach/Director of Rugby and the Club captain or, in the absence of the Club captain, an alternative senior player.

  1. Matters Not Provided For

4.1. Any matters relating to the media arising in connection with the Tournament for which specific provision is not made in these Media Rules shall be determined by the Host Union.

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