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Verification checks


4. Where we have reasonable doubts that a specified document is genuine we may want to

verify the document with an independent person or government agency.


5. The purpose of these checks is to make sure that the document provided is genuine and accurately reflects statements made in the application. If the document is being used as evidence to score points, we also want to ensure that it entitles the applicant to claim those points.


6. Verification may delay our decision on an application so we will only do it when there are

clear reasons for it.



Reasonable doubt


7. There are many reasons why we may doubt that specified document is genuine and what we consider to be a reasonable doubt will depend on each individual application. However, our judgments will be based on the facts we have.



Outcome of verification check


8. There are three possible outcomes of a verification check:



Document confirmed as genuine - if we can conclude the document is genuine, we will

consider the application as normal.


Document confirmed as false - if we can conclude the document is false, we will refuse the application, whether or not the document is essential to the application. If a document is confirmed as false, we will normally refuse the application for more than one reason. For example, if you have provided us with a bank statement to show that you have enough funds available, and we have evidence that the statement is false, we will refuse the application because you do not meet the funds requirement and because you have sent a false document. Where we confirm that a document is false it will be retained by the Home Office and is likely to jeopardise any future application.


Verification check inconclusive - if we cannot verify that the document is either

genuine or false, we will ignore it as evidence for scoring points. If you have sent other


Tier 4 Policy Guidance version 11/2014 page 68 of 81

specified documents as evidence for scoring the relevant points, we will consider these as normal. If you have not sent any other documents, we will give zero points in that area.


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