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Money that can be used by a Tier 4 (Child) Student


273. You can use money held in an account owned by you or by your parents. No additional evidence of this relationship is required.


274. The evidence you are using must be of cash funds in the bank (this includes savings accounts and current accounts even when notice must be given), as a loan letter or official financial or government sponsorship available to you. Other accounts or financial instruments such as shares, bonds, overdrafts, credit cards and pension funds are not acceptable, regardless of notice period.


275. The money you show us must be for your use for studying and living in the UK. The full amount of this money - which should be held in the manner specified in this guidance - must continue to be available to you after your application is made, except for any money you

have had to pay for course fees and living costs.



Tier 4 Policy Guidance version 11/2014 page 44 of 81

For example, you should retain the full amount of money you have shown us in your bank account, minus the balance you have paid for your course fees.


276. If you are using overseas currency, we will expect you to show (in writing on your application form) the closing balance in pounds sterling.


277. Where your funds are in a currency other than pounds sterling, the amount we consider will be based on the exchange rate for the relevant currency on the date of your application, taken from the rates published


278. You will not be awarded points for maintenance where the money you are showing us is held in a financial institution with which the Home Office is unable to make satisfactory verification checks. This will be considered using the list in use on the date of your application. A list of financial institutions which do not satisfactorily verify financial statements will be published.


279. We will not consider money earned during a time when you or your parent(s)/ Legal

Guardian was in breach of the UKs immigration laws as evidence of maintenance funds.



For example: Earnings made from UK employment will only be considered if you had leave to enter or remain in the UK at the time they were earned, and in a category which permitted you to take that employment.



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