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Contact details of previous Employers

Records of Service for last 7 years

Shipís name Year of built Type DWT Main Engine Type Modification Power BHP KWT Country (Flag) Owner/Manager Crew Agent Position Period from (d/m/y) till (d/m/y)
SILVER SOUL 1983 RO-RO 42447 B&W PAN Akmartransport Single electrician 06.11.2012 27.03.2013  
ATLANTIC LEADER 1983 LO-RO 15893 MAN Malta Lumar Electrician 20.09.2010 08.04.2011
ATLANTIC LEADER 1983 LO-RO 15893 MAN Malta Lumar Electrician 17.04.2010 22.06.2010

Contact details of previous Employers

Name of Ship Crewing Agency / Shipowner Tel. numbers / Address Person in charge
SILVER SOUL Akmartransport

Wage (min) _________________________________


C1 Marital status married C2 Children under the age of 18 -
C3 Next of kin Ryabova Suvar
D1 Color of hair: braun Color of eyes: green
D2 Height: 173 Weight: 110 Boiler suite size: 56 Safety shoes size: 42


E1   National Passport # Issued By
E2   Identification Code #
E3   Tourist Passport # FB664441 Issd 21.07.2015 exp21.07.2025
E4 Seamanís Passport AB 413057 Issd 13.08.2010 exp13.08.2020
E5 Other Countries Seamanís Book :
Country Panama # 864982 Issd 30.10.2012 exp 30.10.2017
E6 Education (educational institution name): TC PU ILYCHEVSK SHIPREPAIR YARD Period from (d/m/y) till (d/m/y): 05.05.2015 31.07.2015


F1 Competency : Grade Electrician # 001320 Issd 11.09.2015 exp
Endorsement # Issd exp
F2   STCWí78/95 Ė A-VI/1 # 21432 Issd 11.08.2015 11.08.2020 (personal survival, fire prevention, elementary first aid & social responsibilities)
F3   Proficiency in survival craft # Issd exp & Rescue Boats
F4   Advanced fire fighting # Issd exp
F5   Shipís medical care # Issd exp
F6   Others:
  Security Awareness Certificate 21432 11.08.2020   11.08.2020 11.08.2015 11.08.2020 Odessa
  Designated Security Duties Cert. 06112 11.08.2020 Ukr 11.08.2015 11.08.2020 Odessa


G1   Medical examination and vaccination
Yellow Fever: issue date07.12.2015
Last medical examination: issue date


___ Worked on fishing vessels catchmaster 5 years. The experience of work as the electrician ashore 10 years (the electrical technick 4th category, the electroassembler 4th category, the electrician 4th category, the assembler of radio equipment and devices 3rd category).Made three contracts by ships electrician. The last contract has fulfilled the electrician on a post electroengineer, on RO-RO.Have experience of repairs of drydock.



Seafarerís Signature Ryabov
Date 05.11.2015


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