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Present Simple and Present Progressive

Exercise 19. Say and write down what they usually do and what they are doing today.

He usually sleeps in the bed.
He is sleeping on the sofa today.
They __________________________
They __________________________
He ____________________________
He ____________________________
She __________________________
She ___________________________




She __________________________
She __________________________
They _________________________
They _________________________


Exercise 20. Open the brackets and read a story about a birthday party.



It is (be) Saturday afternoon and my sister and I _____________(be) at my

friend's party. Some children ____________________ (dance) in the sitting-room now. My friend _______________(open) a present at the moment. Two children ___________________(eat) chocolate cake, and three children ____________________ (play) a game. I often _______________ (go) to parties because I ____________________ (have) a lot of friends. But I _______________________(not/go) to parties on Sundays because I always

____________________ (visit) my grandparents on Sundays.


Exercise 21. Choose a time expression from the box for each sentence.



1. My father is listening to the radio at the moment.

2. I __________________________ have toast for breakfast.

3. We watch the 9 o'clock news _______________________.

4. My brother is doing his homework ___________________.

5. My mother goes to the supermarket __________________.

6.1 read a book or a magazine in bed ___________________.

7. My grandmother _____________________ sends me a birthday present.

8. My brother is playing football _______________________.

9. At school we have our history lesson _______________________.

10. My father __________________ buys a newspaper from the shop near his office.

Exercise 22. Put the verbs into the Present Continuous or Simple Present.

1. Listen! The birds are singing (sing) in the garden!

2.1 often ______________ (buy) fruit from the greengrocer's.

3. My mother _______________ (drink) tea now.

4. Look at Tom and Jim! They _________________ (walk) up the hill.

5. That man _________________ (laugh) at the moment.

6. The cat ____________________ (play) with a ball now.

7. We always __________________ (wear) warm clothes in winter.

8. He often ____________________ (eat) a sandwich at lunchtime.


Exercise 23. Choose the correct item.

1. She .. milk every morning.

A) drinks B) is drinking C) drink

2. We ....... to the park now.

A) goes B) are going C) go

3. The woman .....swimming now.

A) goes B) is going C) go

4. She often . her red dress.

A) wears B) is wearing C) wear

5. Look! The cat..... up the tree.

A) climbs B) is climbing C) climb

6. John ...... to school now.

A) walks B) is walking C) walk

7. My cat usually ............. by the fire.

A) sleep B) is sleeping C) sleeps

8. I.............. a letter at the moment.

A) write B) am writing C) is writing

9. They ..... in a restaurant every Sunday.

A) eats B) are eating C) eat

10. Mother always ............. the grass.

A) cuts B) cut C) is cutting


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