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Our view of mentoring

An important element of developing our common future___1 the sharing of knowledge and experience, giving people the opportunity to learn from___2 other.

To support this approach we offer mentoring___3 the mutual henefit of our employee's personal development and the company___4 large.

For example, mentoring enables people facing major change -___5 as a global assignment - to get support and guidance from someone who___6) had previous experience. This helps our people___7 adapt more rapidly - and so be more effective in their new roles.___8 turn, mentors can learn something new about themselves and the organisation.

Our view of mentoring is that the mentor, as an experienced and respected individual, is able to reflect back constructively on a mentee's thoughts, ideas, feelings, behaviour and situations ....9 that the mentee gains perspective and is challenged in their way of thinking and operating. It is___10 unique opportunity for both mentee and mentor to learn and grow.

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4. Read the passage below about performance appraisal.

In most of the lines 1-14there is one extra wordwhich does not fit. Some lines, however, are correct.

If a line is correct,put a tick on the appropriate line.

If there is an extra wordin the line, write that word in the space provided.

For a performance appraisal to be an effective, the employee who is to be appraised 1. an

should be given advance notice of the performance appraisal interview and be informed 2

of its purpose. In addition, it is useful to supply with an appraisal form to be completed 3

and returned before the interview takes place. This should allow the employee for time 4

to evaluate their performance as well as to identify any areas in which they would like 5

either additional support and training. Another purpose of the appraisal form is to 6

provide a structure for the interview. Very often, the employee is asked to reflect and on 7

their job description to start off with, and make the suggestions as to how it should be 8

modified even if certain aspects of it are no longer appropriate. The employee is then 9

invited to summarise their achievements, and to comment on their strengths and 10

weaknesses. Together with the supervisor, the employee can discuss about how to build 11

on their strengths, and also agree on a plan or to address any weaknesses identified. 12

Finally, new objectives can be negotiated so as to enhance a motivation and ensure that 13

the employee's work is geared towards the overall objectives of the company. 14

Class Work


1 Listen to five different employees in a performance appraisal interview. Decide which of the supervisor's questions each employee is answering.

Write one letter, a)-f), next to the number of the speaker.

Do not use any letter more than once.

Speaker 1 ....... a) Is your job description up to date?

Speaker 2....... b) What have been your contributions, besides achieving your target since your last performance appraisal?

Speaker 3....... c) Which of your previous appraisal objectives have you achieved?

Speaker 4....... d) Is there anything in your job that you have problems with?

Speaker 5....... e) Is there anything in your job you would say you could do better in the future?

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