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Reorder the words in the sentences and read what else the Queen does.

1) The Queen, Britain’s, tradition, and, long, is, history, a symbol, of. 2) Represents, when, Britain, she, other, state, she, meets, of, heads. 3) Contracts, she, with, countries, maintains, the, Commonwealth. 4) She, on television, of the UK, and, every year, speaks, on Christmas day, to the people, the Commonwealth. 5) New, hospitals, and, opens, bridges, she, factories. 6) Disasters, messages, after, sends, of the victims, she, to the families. 7) Congratulations, a person, the Queen, if, sends, gets the age of 100, a telegram of. 8) Is ,the unity, a symbol, of, the Queen, of, the nation.

20. Read some funny facts about the UK which you probably didn’t know. Practice pronouncing the numbers. Translate the sentences into Russian. Make your Top 5 funniest facts.

1) French was the official language in Britain for about 300 years. 2) England is 74 times smaller than the USA. 3) There is nowhere in Britain that is more than 74.5 miles from the sea. 4) If London were a country, it would be the 8th largest in Europe. 5) There are over 300 languages spoken in England. 6) The Queen has 30 god children. 7) The Queen sent her first e-mail in 1976. 8) The highest temperature ever recorded in England was 38.5 degrees in Kent in 2003. 9) There are over 30,000 people with the name John Smith in England. 10) The shortest war against England was with Zanzibar in 1896. Zanzibar surrendered after 38 minutes. 11) James Bond’s code “007” was inspired by the author Ian Fleming’s bus route from Canterbury to London. 12) William the Conqueror ordered everyone to be in their beds by 8 pm. 13) 80,000 umbrellas are expected to be lost annually in the London tube. 14) The first fish and chips restaurant was opened in 1860 by a Jewish immigrant. 15) England is thought of as having the world’s worst food.

21. Work in pairs. When you visit another city, what do you enjoy/not enjoy doing? Tell your group.

22. You are going to plan a day trip for your group in London. Look at the “What’s on in London” leaflet below and find:

a) where the piano concert is playing; b) two museums you could visit; c) a tour which lasts for half a day; d) the time it takes to go round the London eye; f) a colourful market; g) which musical you could see; h) an exclusive shop to buy souvenirs.

What’s on in London

General.Tour around London on a Big Red Bus. Enjoy the view from the top of this famous London bus, as you learn about the sights from one of out friendly guides. Half-day tour, 25 £ per person.

London walks – Experience London on foot with one of our specialized walking tours, 5 £ for two-hour walk.

Camden market – the perfect place to walk around and visit shops, eat in local café, buy some art and crafts and just sit with a coffee and watch London go by. Colourful, fun and cheap – this is real London.

Buckingham Palace – Entrance ticket: 12 £ per person. Watch the Changing of the Guard outside Buckingham Palace at 2p.m. every afternoon.

The London Eye – the Giant Observation Wheel, became operational in January 2000. The Wheel is the largest of its kind ever to be built and visitors to London from abroad are delighted by this new way of seeing the city. Tickets 25 £, duration 30 minutes.

Theatre. Les Miserables – Palace Theatre 02-7494 5555. ‘This musical has been playing for 18 years, and it is still like going to for a first night’. Eves 7.30, Mon, Thu and Sat 6.30. Tickets from 40 £.

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