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II 2.Does the place where a person lives reflect his/her personality? Why (not)?

Some people think that one’s home is as much a reflection of his personality, as the clothes he wears, the food he eats, the friends he spends his time with. I agree that many homes reflect the ways of life and habits of their owners. In my view to live comfortably doesn’t mean to live in luxury in a detached house with all modern conveniences and appliances, which is well furnished and nicely decorated. Certainly it won’t do any harm to have all these things, which make our life easier, more enjoyable and pleasant. Good housing conditions are very important for creating a good quality of life. But I’m convinced that all these things are not so important as the relaxing friendly atmosphere at home.

II 3.Ask me what my flat/house looks like.

What type of house do you live in?
Do you live in a modern house or in a period one?

What does your house look like on the outside?

II 4.Your friend doesn't know what to choose: to live in a city or in the country. Give him/her some advice.

See I 2

II 5.How do you see an ideal house/flat?

Variant I

In many occasions, people have asked me what my dream flat would look like. I never really thought about it, but after seeing pictures of an apartment in New York, I immediately said that it was my dream house. Well, apartment. First of all, it is in the centre of the city, on the very top of the building. Thanks to that, it has the most beautiful view of New York. The thing I liked about it the most, was that it is placed on the whole floor, so I would have all that space to myself. Considering that, it has its own private elevator. After exiting this lift, you would enter a spacious hallway with large glass windows. The walls are covered with beige wallpapers and pictures. A beautiful red sofa is put facing the window. The kitchen is totally spacious. It has high bar chairs, as well as a beautiful eating table, made of glass, and chairs covered with white leather. The living room has such a modern design. The wall to the outside is totally made out of glass, which gives it a special look. There is a huge plasma TV on the other wall, and in every corner of the room you can find speakers, as a part of Home Theater system. In the centre of the room, there is a sofa, where you can sit or lie down while watching TV. A beautiful fireplace is put in the room to make it look, and if needed, feel warm. The bedroom is made in a white-red combination. The walls and the floor are white, and the bed and the curtains, as well as some decorations are red, which gives the room that special touch. There are also doors that lead to the dressing room which has lots of clothes, a place for shoes, a big mirror with lights and a table for make-up. And finally, there is a bathroom, which is huge. It has a bath and a shower. It is made in gold-white combination, and it looks kind of antique. That is pretty much it about my dream flat. I just hope I will get to it one day.

Variant II

It is large and has big windows and the front of the house gets the morning sun. It is made of red brick and has tiling on the roof. It has two spacious bedrooms which have two large windows each, a roomy kitchen with three side windows and a back door. There is a lounge with one giant window, and a huge bathroom with a long narrow window so that there is privacy, yet there is still natural light. The house is supposed to be styl­ish and roomy while not being too big and showy; there are few­er rooms and more space. There are many large windows so that during the day the rooms are never dark. There is a fireplace in the lounge so that the people living in the house can warm themselves by the fire in the winter. The front of the house has two bedrooms that seem to welcome people walking up to the front door. The whole house except the windows is covered in green vines, growing wildly all over the red brick front. There are beautiful trees in the front garden. On a hot summer's day the trees shade the pathway leading up to the front door. In the back garden there are birch trees and fragrant flowers growing near the main kitchen window, and there are jasmine and rose bushes growing by the fence.

Let's talk about different types of houses. Tell me about your dream house. 2.Do you find your city/town/village a comfortable place for living? 3.What questions will you ask your friend who is going to move about his/her new home? 4.If your parents ask for your opinion where to move: to the city or to the country, what would you recommend them to do? 5.What type of house would you prefer to live in? Why?

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I 2.Where would you like to live: in a city or in the country? Why (not)? | III 1.Let's talk about different types of houses. Tell me about your dream house.
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