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Coca-Cola and its advertising

As consumers get more used to advertising, companies have to come up with better ways of ensuring that people pay attention to their ads. In pairs, say what you think of these recent experiments in advertising. Can you think of any new and innovative ways to advertise?

Interrupting telephone conversations
with advertising messages (in
exchange for free phone calls).

Talking ads at bank cash machines.

Ads on toilet walls.

Advertising on small television screens
on supermarket shopping trolleys.

Coca-Cola and its advertising

(A) John S. Pemberton invented Coca-Cola in 1886. His partner suggested

1 pufc-Lt^Q an advertisement for the drink in The Atlanta Journal that very year. In 1888, Asa Chandler bought the Coca-Cola business and decided

2_________________ the product known through signs, calendars and clocks. The

company began 3_______________ its global network when Robert Woodcruff was

elected president of the company in 1923. He succeeded in 4___________

Coca-Cola into a truly international product by 5______________ a foreign

department, which exported Coca-Cola to the Olympic Games in Amsterdam

in 1928. During World War Two, he promised 6______________ Coca-Cola to

every soldier in every part of the world.

(5)Coca-Cola's advertising has always attempted 7_____________ changing

contemporary lifestyles. 8______________ an international advertising campaign

requires the talents of professionals in many areas, and extensive testing and

research are always done before 9_____________ which advertisements will

finally be used. Celebrity endorsements have featured heavily Cary Grant,
Ray Charles and Whitney Houston are just three of the big name stars who
have agreed 10___________________ in Coca-Cola commercials.

(c) After11_________________ Diet Coke in 1982, the company saw its sales grow

quickly. The drink is now the third most popular in the world. In 1985, the

company tried 12________________ the secret formula of Coca-Cola, but realised

that Americans were very attached to the original recipe. The company

listened to its consumers and quickly responded by 13__________ the original

formula to the market as 'Coca-Cola Classic'. Today, people in more than 160

countries around the globe enjoy 14______________ Coca-Cola. It is asked for

more than 524 million times a day in more than 80 languages. The company

intends 15___________________ its global presence even further in the twenty-first

century, particularly in developing markets.

A TV commercialgenerally consists of a short film sequenceof between 30 and 60 seconds with an accompanying soundtrackwhich includes a mixture of live recordings(what people actually say in the commercial), a voice-over(the voice of someone who does not appear on screen) and music and sound effects.Various techniques are used in commercials to convince the viewer of the value of the product or service that is being advertised. One of the most common of these is 'dramatisation' where a short story is developed around the product or service. The original ideas behind a commercial of this type are developed from a scenario,a written document that summarises the action, the atmosphere, the characters and the scene where the sequences of the commercial will be filmed. An artist then produces a storyboard,or series of pictures, to show how the commercial will look.

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