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Unit 1 Wireless Communication


Self-study of the student is aimed at individual fulfillment of academic assignments, generating cognitive interest, extending knowledge in the area of professional occupation through language-learning practice.

Term paper 1 (SSA self-study assignment) consists in written translation of professionally-oriented texts with volume of no less than 3,000 symbols each, compiling a terminological glossary, and fulfillment of lexical and grammar assignments, and tasks for monitoring comprehension of the text, including writing of an abstract or a summary.

Generally, a term paper should be written in out of class conditions, in accord with the suggested list of topics and the teachers assignments. One of the main tools for understanding the text content is its lexical and grammatical analysis, which is applied while reading and checked in the process of fulfillment of the assignments.


Term paper assignments

1. Translate text 1 from English into Russian (volume 3,000 symbols).

2. Compile a terminological glossary (list) reflecting most important terms and concepts with word definition, synonym/antonym and translation, decode abbreviations (no less than 20 per term paper).

3. Fulfill the tasks on text comprehension: make up 10 questions.

4. Fulfill the tasks on vocabulary and grammar.

5. Write a summary to text 2 in English and in Russian.

Criteria for evaluating translation skills (professionally oriented texts):

-volume of the material worked up;

- currency and relevance of the text (to the profile of the chosen discipline);

- logical sequencing and clear presentation;

- terminological style and grammar accuracy;

- abilities and skills of text analysis, generalizing, organization and delivery of factual information;

- argumentation, support and conclusion.

Work on the term paper (TP 1) starts on the first week of the semester, and the completed paper must be submitted on the 5th week.

The title page should be formatted according to the standard accepted in the University (consult the teacher).

It is also required to compile a students vocabulary book. The format may be free, or you can use the sample of a vocabulary log presented here or choose any other suitable from the Internet.



Sample Vocabulary Log


Word or concept/   Part of speech/ Word Definition   Transcription/ Translation Sentence or phrase using the word
Router.   A noun. A router is a networking device that forwards data packets between computer networks. A router is connected to two or more data lines from different networks (as opposed to a network switch, which connects data lines from one single network. ́ (. . ́, ́ ( . router /ˈru:tə(r)/ /ˈraʊtɚ/) ́ ( ) a onnecting device such as a router, which connects the network to other networks



It is important while interpreting and translating terms (concepts, words and phrases) it should be shown exactly what value and meaning they have in the particular text (the context).

It is preferable that all the work done by the student within the discipline Professionally oriented English language for special purposes should be reflected in a special folder (portfolio).


Unit 1 Wireless Communication


1.1 Read and translate the text. Use a dictionary to help you.

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