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F. Environmental Science Program courses

ENVE/ENVS 6000 Environmental Science and Technology

ENVE/ENVS 6001 Earth and Ocean Systems

ENVE/ENVS 6002 Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology

ENVE/ENVS 6003 Applied Ecology

ENVE/ENVS 6004 Environmental Pollution and Mitigation (cross-listed as ENG 9601) ENVS 6007 Environmental Risk Assessment (cross-listed as ENG 9609)

ENVS 6008 Air Pollution (cross-listed as ENG 9624) ENVS 6009 Environmental Science Project

ENVS 6010 Seminar

ENVS 6201-6210 Special Topics in Environmental Science

ENVS 601W Work Term

Environmental Science relevant graduate courses taught at MUN (elective courses)


BIOC 6660 Industrial Microbiology

BIOC 6670 Biological Waste Treatment



BIOL 6000 Research Topics Microbiology

BIOL 7220 Quantitative Methods in Biology

BIOL 7531 Biological Oceanography

BIOL 7535 Research Methods in Marine Science

BIOL 7550 Fishery Biology

BIOL 7551 Fisheries Resource Management

BIOL 7600 Effect of Organic and Inorganic Pollutants on Biological Systems

BIOL 7910 Community and Ecosystem Ecology



CHEM 6110 Analytical Chemistry II

CHEM 6151 Analytical Separations and Organic Mass Spectrometry

CHEM 6152 Electro-analytical Techniques

CHEM 6190-9 Selected Topics in Analytical Chemistry


Cognitive and Behavioural Ecology

CABE 6351 Behavioural Ecology and Sociobiology


Earth Sciences

EASC 6210 Genesis of Mineral Deposits

EASC 6410 Advanced Engineering and Environmental Geology

EASC 6500 Stable Isotope Geochemistry

EASC 6510 Trace Element Geochemistry

EASC 6520 Methods in Advanced Research in Geochemistry

EASC 7300 Changes in Global Paleo-environment



GEOG 6100 Research Techniques in a Selected Field of Geography I

GEOG 6101 Research Techniques in a Selected Field of Geography II GEOG 6250 Conservation and Sustainability of Natural Resources GEOG 6400 Fluvial Geomorphology

GEOG 6401 Glacial Geomorphology GEOG 6402 Coastal Geomorphology GEOG 6410 Climatology

GEOG 6420 Quaternary Geography


Mathematics and Statistics

MATH 6100 Dynamical Systems

MATH 6102-6109 Special Topics in Applied Mathematics

MATH 6520 Linear Models

MATH 6561 Categorical Data Analysis


Physics and Physical OceanographyPHYS 6200 Nonlinear Dynamics PHYS 6310 Physical Oceanography

PHYS 6316 Ocean Measurements and Data Analysis

PHYS 6317 Ocean Acoustics PHYS 6318 Numerical Modeling PHYS 6319 Climate Dynamics PHYS 6321 Coastal Oceanography


Engineering and Applied Science

ENG 9420 Engineering Analysis

ENG 9501 Finite Element Analysis with Engineering Applications

ENG 9601 Environmental Pollution and Mitigation (cross-listed as ENVS 6004) ENG 9609 Environmental Risk Assessment (cross-listed as ENVS6007)

ENG 9621 Soil Remediation Engineering

ENG 9622 Environmental Statistics

ENG 9624 Air Pollution (cross-listed as ENVS 6008) ENG 9625 Offshore Environmental Operations

ENG 9626 Environmental Management Systems ENG 9627 Environmental Systems Engineering ENG 9628 Environmental Laboratory

ENG 9629 Environmental Policy and Regulations

ENG 9630 Pollution Prevention

ENG 9713 Stochastic Hydrology



G. Program faculty

Professors involved in the Environmental Science Program at MUN include faculty

members from the Faculty of Science (Departments of Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Mathematics and Statistics, Physics and Physical Oceanography, Psychology, and the Ocean Science Centre), the Faculty of Arts (Departments of Geography and Sociology), the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science, the Faculty of Medicine, the Fisheries and Marine Institute, and the Corner Brook Campus of MUN. Adjunct professors within these academic units and adjunct professors to the Graduate Environmental Science Program at MUN can co-supervise graduate students.


Graduate students in the Environmental Science Program are encouraged to network with the Canada Research Chairsat MUN, especially with the chair holders in the research area of environment sustainability:

Dr. S. Bentley, Dept. of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Dr. R. Chuenpagdee, Dept. Geography

Dr. D. McIlroy, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Dr. M. Rise, OSC

Dr. P. Snelgrove, OSC

Dr. L. Tarasov, Dept. Physics and Physical Oceanography

Dr. S. Ziegler, Dept. Earth Science


Students in the Environmental Science Program are encouraged to attend the public lecture series Dialogue on Advancing Global Sustainabilityand participate in the Earth and Human Systems Sustainability Initiativeat MUN, http://www.physics.mun.ca/~lev/EHSSI.html.


Facultycurrently associated with the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in

Environmental Sciences as thesis/project supervisors, are:

A. Aksu (Earth Sciences, MUN)

M.R. Anderson (Fisheries and Oceans Canada)

T. Bell (Geography, MUN)

C. Campbell (Environmental Science, Grenfell Campus, MUN)

N. Catto (Geography, MUN)

B. Chen (Engineering and Applied Science, MUN)

Q. Chen (Chemistry, MUN)

R. Chuenpagdee (Geography, MUN)

C. Coles (Engineering and Applied Science, MUN)

B. deYoung (Physics and Physical Oceanography, MUN)

D. Deibel (OSC, MUN)

E. Demirov (Physics and Physical Oceanography, MUN)

R. Devillers (Geography, MUN)

E. Edinger (Geography & Biology, MUN)

J. Finnis (Geography, MUN)

A. Foster (Math and Statistics, MUN)

K. Gamperl (OSC, MUN)

N. Gogan (Chemistry, MUN)

R. Gregory (DFO)

G. Han (Fisheries and Oceans Canada)

J. Hanchar (Earth Sciences, MUN)

K. Hawboldt (Engineering and Applied Science, MUN)

R. Helleur (Chemistry, MUN)

L. Hermanutz (Biology, MUN)

T. Husain (Engineering and Applied Science, MUN)

A. Igamberdiev (Biology, MUN)

J. Jacobs (Geography, MUN)

F. Khan (Engineering and Applied Science, MUN)

K. LeDez (Medicine, MUN)

L. Lye (Engineering and Applied Science, MUN)

P. Marino (Biology, MUN)

W. Montevecchi (Psychology, MUN)

C. Parrish (OSC, MUN)

J. Payne (Fisheries and Oceans Canada)

C. Purchase (Biology, MUN)

M. Rise, (OSC, MUN)

R. Rivkin (OSC, MUN)

D. Schneider (OSC, MUN)

F. Shahidi (Biochemistry, MUN)

K. Snelgrove (Engineering and Applied Science, MUN)

P. Sylvester (Earth Sciences, MUN)

L. Tarasov (Physics and Physical Oceanography, MUN)

I. Warkentin (Environmental Science, Grenfell Campus, MUN)

Y. Wiersma (Biology, MUN)

D. Wilton (Earth Sciences, MUN)

P. Winger (Fisheries and Marine Institute, MUN)

J. Wroblewski (OSC, MUN)

J. Wu (Sustainable Resource Management, Grenfell Campus, MUN)

L. Zedel (Physics and Physical Oceanography, MUN)

S. Ziegler (Earth Sciences, MUN)



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