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Describe your everyday activities in detail.


Hi, nice to meet you all!

My name is Nick Price. I am a freshman at the College of Psychology of Michigan State University. It is one of the top five psychological colleges in the USA. It is situated in the north of the United States, in state of Michigan. Our campus is placed in Ann Arbor city, on the peninsula surrounded by three Great lakes: Lake Michigan from the West, Lake Huron from the North and Lake Erie from the East. But I am not originally from the state Michigan. I was born in the small town in neighboring state Ohio, in the suburbsof Cleveland.

My family is not very wealthy and cannot pay for my tuition. I have received scholarship and must study well to have it the next year.

It is a rule that every student must spend his or her freshman year on campus. To cover some of the expenses I have got to work part-time on campus. I work in the university cafeteria.

Now let me tell you about my usual working day. I wake up at seven in the morning. My alarm clock radio is tuned to my favorite radio station. My roommate Todd Hall is a football player. He jogs every morning at 6:30. He is still out joggingwhen I get up. First I take a cold shower and brush my teeth. Then I dress myself and rush to work Ė to the university cafeteria. I pour drinks and then work as a dishwasher. It is not a very interesting job but soon Iíll be a waiter at a small Italian restaurant and will earn more. My boss Suzie is a very strict lady but very nice when you do your job properly.

I have taken only four classes in the first fall semester. The freshman year is considered to be a year of integration into the college life. But still I decided to take Biology, History of Psychology, History of Culture and Russian language. I have a right to choose any class, but some are mandatory, such as History of Psychology. There are several required classes for graduation. Therefore I need to collect credits from the freshman year.

My first class starts at 11:15. The professor is never late for his classes. The lecture hall has about hundred seats. The air in the classroom is air-conditioned in summer and heated in winter time.

At 2 oíclock I eat lunch at the school cafeteria. The food is free for me because I work there. I am a vegetarian and I also donít like drinks with caffeine. I prefer mineral water or juice.

Then I have two more classes. I need to go to the library right after class to do my homework. There I meet my friends and we talk. Twice a week I play basketball with my friends. I swim once a week. Usually after studying we go out to a café for a beer or just sit and talk.

I have dinner at 6 PM at the little Chinese restaurant not too far from the dormitory. Or I cook for myself in the kitchen in my dorm. My favorite food is fried fish and potato salad.

After dinner I watch TV or play ping-pong with my friends. When it is Friday, we go to see the football game.

I also spend a lot of time with my girlfriend Ann. She studies medicine but is very interested in psychology. We have many other things in common, like watching cartoons.

I spend some weekends visiting my grandmother and my grandfather. They are always glad to see me and take me out for picnics and golf.

I usually read before I go to bed. It calms me down after a long day. Sometimes I feel too tired even for reading. Well, I guess thatís enough for now. See you later!


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