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Do You Need a College Degree In Order to be Successful?

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John Carmack, one of the most brilliant people alive today, is the top 3D coder in the world as well as a competent rocket scientist, and he has no degree =]

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Did you know that Walt Disney was school dropout? Bill Gates, Henry Ford, Milton Hershey and more were either school or college dropouts... Look here: http://MakeMoneySuccessSecrets.com It looks like you don't need college degree to become successful...

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I agree I have met people who have degree who are idiots but could afford to go to college. A degree sometimes means you could fudge your way through a system from Harvard, Yale and Princeton to any other school. You can get into these schools by who you know not how intelligent you are. For some people it is how intelligent you are. But a degree does not mean intelligent it means you finished four years of learning in a controlled environment. A lack of a degree does not mean you are not intelligent and success has very little to do with it. While education is very important it is neither the beginning nor the end of a happy life or a successful life.

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Still Learning

College is worth going to. Yeah, I get a degree, but with some super awesome debt! I do not think getting a degree is necessary, especially if, "You don't know what you want do yet." I hear that a lot around campus. Many people will graduate from college, and a degree is basically what you make of it. If you end up with a strong finance or similarly applicable degree, that will work awesome for you It is money well spent. However, if you end up with a communications or anthropology degree, you better specialize, because you are in a world of hurt All in all, I would have to say that the importance of a college degree is debatable. It all depends on what you make of it. Do you really want to be a struggling journalist with a pile of debt? At the same time I am torn though, the college experience has become an integral value of middle class Americans. As far as I am concerned, the networking in college that I will do, is probably the most important thing that I am going to do,

"For example, in 1980, males with a bachelor's or higher degree earned 19 percent more than male high school competitors, while in 2004 they earned 67 percent more." Going by your statistics you point out that the male wage earner with a degree makes 46% more than a high school competitor in 2004. This is compared to the same ratio propagated in 1980. However you fail to include the ratio of degree earners to high school competitors. If there are more men with degrees, obviously they are going to offset that percentage greatly. College degrees are expensive. I am currently enrolled at the University of Arizona (Go Cats!), and I am looking at about a $90,000 dollar degree. This is out of state of course, but my home college, the University of Minnesota is not much cheaper at all. With this I will probably have to go on to graduate school and incur even more costs. On top of all this I joined Greek life, for fun, and for networking capabilities.

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Ninety four percent of all college grads like balls in there face

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YEAH I CONFESS THAT I AM A COLLEGE DROP OUT WELL SOMETHING LIKE THAT I JUST TOOK A SEMESTER OUT OF SCHOOL BECAUSE I AM ABOUT TO OPEN MY OWN BUSINESS I AM OPENING AN PROFESSIONAL RECORDING STUDIO, AND I DID THIS BROWN ALL WITHOUT COLLEGE. WELL I DID LEARN HOW TO engineer music, and other studio equipment. so basically what I am saying to those people with ambition, and want to become successful in life and you arescared that are not going to be successful in life because you do not want to go to college don't be scared because you honestly do not need college to be successful. you can start your own business: all you need to start your own business is knowledge, money, and promotion you can start off by doing a small business, which means you can start off with any where from $5000.00 -

$10,000.00. you can get that in no time, which means that you and your family can start this together to get more information how to become successful with out college hit me up at www myspace.com/ete

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Sivanathan Thaiman

Hats off to you! Your article is simply superb and an Inspiration! I've always felt guilty for not having a degree! but after reading your article I don't care anymore! I have a decent job and I've satisfied with my lifestyle! Thank a lot for freeing me from my guilty feeling!

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Crissy Gottberg

I don't think you have to have one. It's only recently that the "education system" has stressed degrees and college education. You can still get some jobs and learn while working, but they are trying to wittle that down more and more all the time I watched a movie about a man who went to college for a while, but was unable to pay for it, but he was so bright and intuitive with human anatomy that a doctor took him on as an assistant. Because he was black they thought he was the help, but learned that was just not the case. I can't remember his name, but he developed many modern medical techniques. He got a medical degree when he was near the end of his life, and never finished school

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If you want to reap a profit, you'd better go to college. A degree opens up lots of roads. You'll never achieve what you have in mind without a college degree

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Set Work

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