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Fill in the gaps in the sentences with the words from the box, then put these stages of shopping on the net in order (number them from 1 to 8).


account add browse checkout confirm delivery details invoice shopping basket sign in
  You usually have to allow at least two working days for ____1____.
  Choose an item, and ____2____ it to your _____3_____.
  Click "____4____". Now it's too late to change your mind!
  When you have finished shopping, click "proceed to ____5____".
  Usually, you will receive an _____6_____ by email.
  Enter your name, address and card _____7____.
Before you can start shopping, you usually have to ____8___ to the site. (If you don't already have an _____9___, you have to create one.)
  ____10___ the website, and decide what you want to buy.


XVI. Booking hotel online. Choose the best preposition.

You can often make a hotel reservation (1) by/overthe Internet, but you may have to pay a deposit. The deposit will usually be returned (2) to/ foryou if you cancel your reservation a week or more (3) in/ withadvance. You will usually receive notification (4) about/ ofthe booking (5) by/ fromemail. When you check (6) in/ intothe hotel, your details will probably already be (7) on/ insidethe hotel system. When you check (8) out/ out of, you will usually be given a receipt.



Reported speech

Quoted speech Reported speech Comments
“We search the Web every day” “I added more memory”   “I was learning the C++ the whole day”   “We will have finished this work by midday” They said that they searched the Web every day He said that he had added more memory He said that he had been learning the C++ the whole day   They said they would have finished this work by midday” Present tenses change to past tenses in indirect speech Past Simple changes to Past Perfect   Past Continuous - into Past Perfect Continuous Future simple, will into would Future Continuous, will be doing into would be doing Future Perfect, will have done into would have done
“I have just added paper to my computer printer” “The earth changes because of the surrounding solar system” He says he has just added paper to computer printer She stated that the earth changes because of the surrounding solar system No change: a) the reporting verb is in present tense b) the reported words express general truth
“I can write a program”   “I must work hard”   “You should use licensed software” He said he could write a program She said he had to work hard   He said I should use licensed software Modal verbs Similarly to tenses, modals change in indirect speech if the reported words are no longer true or are out-of-date Modals which do not change in indirect: could, would, might, had better, should, ought to, used to
Verbs that can be used to report: promise, claim, suggest, advise, refuse, argue, confirm and others (See Appendix 3)
“Perform regular backups of important data” “Don’t leave your laptop unattended” He advised me to perform regular backups … She warned me not to leave my laptop unattended Orders, request and advice can be reported using an infinitive: verb + indirect object + to-clause.
Verbs used to report orders and requests in this way are: command, order, warn, ask, advise, invite, beg, teach, forbid.

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