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XI. Fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verb. The first one has been done for you.

1. The General Dynamics (now Lockheed-Martin) F-16 entered (enter) service in the late 1970s.

2. Today fly-by-wire control systems _____ (be) common on all advanced fighter aircraft.

3. Since the 1980s, automobiles _____ (use) special purpose computers to control engine operations such as the fuel/air mixture ratio, automatic braking system (ABS) control.

4. Aviation _____ (change) dramatically since William Boeing filled his first production order of Model C Seaplanes for the U.S. Navy during World War I.

5. Six years later the first computer that _____ (can, operate) in real time and run output on video displays came online April 20, 1951.

6. Future airplanes _____ (have) lightweight tanks that hold more hydrogen molecules than anyone can now imagine.

7. Scientists all over the world _____ (work) on plasma reactors for decades.

8. Also major technological changes _____ (occur) in navigational methods based upon quantum leaps in GPS technology, onboard robotics and other automation that will eventually leave pilots behind on some aircraft.

9. Meanwhile Boeing _____ (develop) new airliner with advance systems.

10. ICís and computer chips _____ (get) smaller and cheaper.

XII. Complete the sentences with the auxiliaries be, have, do in the correct form. Look at the example provided.

e.g. ___ you working at Boeing Company when its new airplane entered the market? Werenít

1. What risks ______ associated with the suggested new technology?

2. Much of what ______ been said about the nature of science applies to engineering as well?

3. Engineers use knowledge of science and technology, together with strategies of design, to solve practical problems, _____ not they?

4. ______ scientific knowledge provide a means of estimating?

5. Many scientists ______ doing work that could be described as engineering as well as science.

6. So testing _____ often done by using small-scale physical models.

7. _____ the technology have other applications?

8. Most modern technological systems, from transistor radios to airliners, _____ been engineered and produced to be remarkably reliable.

9. In ancient times, most food _____ consumed or marketed within a few dozen miles of where it _____ grown.

XIII. Your friend wrote a short passage about the progress of science in Ukraine. But he is not sure about the verb tenses. Help him to choose the best grammatical choice.

Ukraine (1) is/was/will be proud to comply with world scientific standards in mathematics, mechanics, physics, computer science, and materials science. During the years of independence, a basic advance (2) were made/has been made/made by Ukraine in the social sciences and humanities. Established in 1993, the International Association of Academies of Sciences (3) has played/play/is playing an important role to stimulate integration processes among Academies of Sciences of CIS countries. In February 1992, National Space Agency of Ukraine (NSAU) (4) was established/has been established/established to implement state space activities policy. Its control sphere (5) included/includes about 30 production enterprises, research organizations and design offices. Currently, space industry restructuring (6) is being prepared/was prepared/prepares and implemented to assure further development of enterprises in market environment.

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