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Send a letter to a firm in an English-speaking country asking them to supply you with goods on better terms of payment. At present you are accepting drafts at 30 days.

58. 56,You are asked by your employers, a Swiss export company, to write a letter to a British buyer who complains that he does not want to pay against bills drawn in Swiss francs. Offer the buyer either (a) sterling prices, or (b) payment by letter of credit payable in Zurich for each order at an agreed rate of exchange.

59. 57,An overseas firm has asked you to supply them with goods to the value of £450. They suggest that you draw on them at 60 d/s for the amount of your invoice. Write a tactful letter explaining that you can only do this against an irrevocable letter of credit confirmed by your bank.

60. 58 ,A foreign customer has been buying from your firm for a year and has honoured your sight drafts on presentation. He now asks for open account terms with quarterly settlement by B/E. Write two letters, one agreeing to his request and one asking for an irrevocable letter of credit covering the amount of his quarterly requirements.

61. 59,Answer an enquiry from a British firm who want to know what methods of payment your firm are prepared to accept.

62. 60,A foreign supplier has drawn a 60 days' bill on you through your bank, and has failed to notify you of the draft, although you had warned him that you would not accept drafts without advice. Write giving your bank suitable instructions, and also send a letter to the drawer of the bill.

63. 61Send a letter to a British bank enclosing an acceptance from a British importer, and asking the bank to make certain payments to British firms on your behalf against this acceptance.

64. 62Write to your bank manager asking him to advance 70% of the value of a consignment of goods you have just exported to a foreign customer.

65. 63Send a letter to your firm's bank, enclosing shipping documents and a 90 d/s draft on your foreign customer. Ask them to obtain acceptance and then to discount the bill.

66. 64Your firm's representative in an English-speaking country has sent you an order and advises you that payment will be by irrevocable L/C. Reply to the customer. Write also the customer's letter confirm­ing the order and making payment arrangements.

67. 65Your bank informs you that a 60 d/s bill drawn by you on a foreign customer has been dishonoured without any explanation. Write to the customer, and also give your bank instructions.

68. 66Write a letter to insurance agents, telling them you have a cargo of machinery for shipment from Liverpool to a South American port, and asking them to arrange insurance.

69. 67Show in a letter how you would deal with the matter of the renewal of a floating policy.

70. 68Write a letter from insurance agents, in which they say that the premium on certain goods to a certain destination (which you specify) has been increased; say why this has been done.

71. 69Write to your insurance agents, pointing out that as special packing is now used for certain goods, you think that the insurance rate could be lower. As the insurance agents, reply to this letter.

72. 70Notify your suppliers of certain damage to a consignment received and say what action has been taken.

73. Write a letter from buyers, saying that some articles are missing from a delivery.

74. As the suppliers, reply to the previous letter.

75. As buyers, write to your suppliers and ask them why you have not had any advice from them yet of the despatch of a consignment.

76. Write a letter from buyers in an eastern country, informing suppliers that certain articles they sent have been affected by the heat, in spite of a guarantee that this would not happen; say what you propose in the matter.

77. As exporters, write to your customers advising them about a strike that may delay shipment of their order.

78. Write to your suppliers and inform them that several articles in one case have been broken, owing to insecure packing; the insurance surveyor has reported this.

79. As the exporters, write a tactful letter to customers who have com­plained that the material they have received is not like the samples on which they gave the order.

80. As suppliers, reply to a complaint of missing goods, asking customers to make a careful check at their end, as everything was correct when the goods were packed and shipped.

81. Your firm wishes to appoint a main agent in South America for the sale of its well-known optical instruments. Write a letter to a South American distributor and offer the agency.

82. Write the South American distributor's reply.

83. A general import agent dealing with hardware goods wishes to handle an English firm's plastic ware. Write a letter for the agent making an offer of services and quoting terms.

84. Answer the letter written by the agent in no. 3 above. Accept his offer on condition that he handles no competing goods from British manu­facturers.

85. Owing to rising costs in his country an export manufacturer finds he must raise his prices. Write a letter to a foreign agent asking the agent if he thinks the market will stand the proposed increases. Write also the agent's reply.

86. An import agent thinks his foreign suppliers' fixed prices too high for the market, and competitors are winning customers from him. Write to his suppliers making suggestions for reduced prices or freedom from fixed prices.

87. Send a report on market conditions from an agent to a foreign expor­ter. Give information on the types of goods in demand, competition and prices.

88. An export manufacturer is dissatisfied with the sales of his sole agent in a foreign country and is receiving insufficient news. Write a letter asking for action.




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