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A. Fill in the blanks with “offer” or “suggest” in the appropriate form.

1. I offered to open the door for the guests.

2. The ogre suggested that we should meet more often.

3. The children were offered a glass of juice.

4. I suggest your visiting the picture gallery.

5. They haven’t offered me a job yet.

6. Where do you suggest we go after the movie?

7. I offered the dwarf $5000 for his car.

8. The police are offering a reward to anyone with information about the crime.

9. I do think you should have offered to help.

10. To save money the girls suggested traveling in one car.

11. I suggested the idea of telling them the truth.

12. Smaller hotels often offer greater comfort at lower prices.

13. I’d like to suggest an alternative plan.

14. A lot of people have offered us very useful advice.

15. I suggest leaving now. The dwarf is already waiting for us.

16. We’ll be happy to offer you all the assistance we can.

17. Can you suggest how we should do it?

18. Susan still hasn’t offered an explanation for her absence.

19. The witch’s cousin offered us a lift (on her broom). We refused.

20. I offered to tell him the truth.

21. I suggest that we take the 7o’clock train.


B. Fill in the blanks with “rise” or “raise” in the appropriate form.

1. Have you ever raised your own vegetables?

2. My group mates raiseed an interesting question about the story we were reading.

3. Dreadful forest robbers always raise their voices when they are angry.

4. Everyone had to rise when the judge entered.

5. Yeast makes bread dough rise .

6. Smoke rose from the chimney.

7. Mrs. Berman rises early every morning.

8. The town raised the money to build a new school.

9. The dragon’s grandparents raised five children.

10. The people rose against the cruel dictator.

11. The ogre was very polite and always rose when a woman entered the room.

12. My aunt raises tomatoes in her yard.

13. We rise at seven in the morning on week days.

14. The dough must rise before it is ready to be baked.

15. From his after-school job, Buratino raised enough money to buy a bike.

16. I would like to raise a glass to your health.

17. Most of the vegetables we ate were raised on a nearby farm.

18. We sometimes rise from the table feeling heavy.

19. The dragon’s voice rose slightly.

20. The dragon slightly raised his voice.

21. Where does the sun rise?


C. Fill in the blanks with “sit” or “set” in the appropriate form.

1. Most of the passengers wanted to sit beside the window.

2. The pilot set the huge plane down gently onto the runway.

3. Please, set the table.

4. The sun will set in an hour.

5. We set the children around the table.

6. The bird sat on a branch.

7. The child set the toy horse on its feet.

8. We set our pet mouse free.

9. The dwarf sat to work on his report.

10. The witch sat in the armchair looking into the fire.

11. Please, sit quietly while I’m talking to your aunt.

12. Set the package on the floor.

13. My elder sister set the bowl of fruit on the table.

14. The tired gentleman sat down at last.

15. Set the pan on the stove.

16. Don’t sit on that chair. It’s broken.

17. The donkey sat right on the cake.

18. I’ve set myself to find a new job by Christmas.

19. I was sitting at my computer when the phone rang.

20. You should set an example for your younger brothers.


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