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WEEK 2. Preparation for Expert Panel Discussion.


A teacher describes a situation and sets up a problem. Each group work on the SAME problem, which the group and the teacher can choose from the three problems below.


Speaking Assessment: Expert Panel Discussions!


Imagine that you are a biomedical engineer working in a big scientific medical centre. You have been approached by a surgeon with the following problem. His 3-year-old patient has been badly burnt in a car accident and urgently needs a tissue replacement. The challenge is that as the child develops the synthetic tissue is not capable of growing along with the child’s natural skin.

TASK 1:Your job is to devise a feasible solution consisting of 3 parts: Problem-Response-Evaluation.

You will present your solution in a series of panel discussions held at a medical conference.


These days the demand for external devices designed to enhance physical potential is an urgent issue. Electric powered exoskeletons are being developed at world leading laboratories.

MISiS Ekzo Secret Laboratory (ESL) is currently working on the intelligently powered exo prosthesis bionic devices that can be strapped onto soldiers to increase their strength, mobility, and endurance in times of war.

The most significant side effect of the materials (Steel, Aluminum and Porcelain) used in exo devices is a strong allergic reaction, including total rejection by the body.

TASK 1:As a leading team of ESL, you need to develop a clear and concise action plan consisting of three parts: Problem, Response and Evaluation. You will present your solution as 'experts' in a series of Exo Technology Panel Discussions scheduled to take place in class next week.



You won a grant to develop a tooth implant with the target of launching the product by June 2015. However you have encountered certain difficulties in terms of supply. An alloy of Co-Cr-Mb is unavailable on the moment due to a change in overseas export regulations. Moreover, cobalt is mined in a country with oppressive political regime, and there are disturbances at the moment, which might develop into a war.


Provide a solution by devising a bio-compatible material to substitute the missing alloy.
Consequently, your prospect of becoming an MIT MA student is at stake. You may only secure your position by devising a 3-stage action plan consisting of Problem-Response-Evaluation. Reach consensus with your team members and present your solution as "experts" on the panel discussion.


TASK 2: Reach consensus with teammates as to panel discussion roles for all three Units by filling out the chart, below. A teacher will collect one from each team by the end of class today.

Problem-Solving Roles Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 3
Problem Maria A Alex R Daniil C
Response Daniil C Maria A Alex R
Evaluation Alex R Daniil C Maria A


Students start planning panel discussions for each role, select materials and brainstorm ideas.

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