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Match the sentence halves

1 A biochemist studies the chemical processes within living organisms

2 PH meters, a balance for weighing out chemicals, a variety of buffers and other chemicals are

3 Special freezers are

4 proteins and tissues are kept at

5 Enzymes and reagents are kept chilled and stable with the help of

6 Gel electrophoresis is used

7 a spectrophotometer is necessary for

8 A fluorescence spectrophotometer is used for

9 a cold room is necessary for

10 Agar forms a gel

11 Incubators and shakers are used for.


A in a biochemistry laboratory

B basic components of science research labs

C kept at -94 F

D (-70 C)

E for examining proteins

F an ice machine which generates ice

G measuring protein concentrations

H more specialized applications

I isolating and purifying protein

J that the microorganisms grow on

K growing bacteria or yeast


1.5 Name the laboratory equipment and say what theyare used for

1 2

3 4

Mark the sentences as true or false

1 Refrigerators and freezers are used for storing supplies.

2 All biochemistry labs have gel electrophoresis supplies and other equipment for examining proteins.

3 Some chemistry labs have a fluorescence spectrophotometer for more specialized applications.

4 Chromatography equipment is special equipment which all the labs have.

5 HPLC systems separate enzyme or conduct assays on small molecules.

6 GC systems evaporate volatile compounds.

7 FPLC systems purify large quantities of protein to examine them.

8 Proteins can be isolated and purified at in cold rooms to keep them stable.

9 Genetic engineering involves manipulating DNA or RNA in organisms.

10 A sterile hood that can be wiped down with a germicidal lamp.

11 Biotechnologists sterilize the supplies in an autoclave.


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