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Write down your own sentences with these words.

II. Scan the text and decide whether the following statements are true (T) or false (F):

1. Overseas development NGOs are just a small fraction of this wider group, with more than 1000 operating in Australia

2. Some international development NGOs have local affiliates, such as Red Cross, Oxfam and World Vision, whilst others are wholly Australian, for example Wattles Australia.

3. A small number of NGOs pioneered private overseas aid during the colonial period before World War II.

4. NGOs provide relevant needs-based business services and welfare and promote changes in government policies and activities.

5. Most not-for-profit NGOs were created by charity organizations to meet perceived needs or by community members to deal with a specific problem (Salvation Army, Brotherhood of Saint Lawrence, Care Australia).

6. NGOs, particularly those in the nonprofit sector, are major providers of welfare services and significant contributors in the health, education, sport, recreation, entertainment, and finance industries.

7.Australian Doctors Internationalwas founded in 2000, its goal is to improve the health of people in central areas of PNG.

8. As part of its Doctor Supervised Integrated Health Patrols, ADI’s volunteers travel by plane, boat and foot to remote and rural health centres, aid posts and hospitals to provide essential health care to people living in extreme poverty.

9.Australian Volunteers International or AVI recruits skilled professionals from Australia to work with partner organizations in Asia, the Pacific, Africa and the USA.

10. The organization also offers a range of people-centred development projects. It runs a short-term program for young Americans, and a range of professional services to American organizations including international recruitment and cultural effectiveness training.

11. Palmtreeis an Australia-based non-government organization that works to build community and political support for action on ending extreme poverty, and provides aid and development to countries in need across the Asia Pacific.

12. NGOs enjoy low levels of public confidence. Research by the World Economic Forum in 2014 based on interviews of 19,000 people across 20 countries revealed that NGOs are widely regarded as the least trustworthy of organizations.

13.The Australians had an even lower degree of trust in NGOs than the other nations involved in the survey.

14. NGOs can help provide a voice for disadvantaged people in society, a crucial aspect of a democratic society. However, this role has been threatened, with the attitudes of previous governments ranging from apathy to outright hostility.

15. The removal of charitable status can drastically increase an NGO’s funding, as donor foundations are only able to donate to NGOs because of their tax-deductible status.


III. Read this short text about Architects for peace. Choose the phrase from A to K to fill in the gaps. There is one phrase that you won’t need to use:

Architects for peace is a humanitarian, 1 _____ incorporated professional organization, under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981 Section 7. Architects for Peace (arch-peace) aims to provide 2 _____ debating political, environmental and social issues in the professional urban context.

All activities produced by Architects for Peace, including website, pro bono, seminars and annual conference, are 3 _____ by volunteers.

Architects for Peace is a member of ARC•PEACE International (Architects Designers Planners for Social Responsibility), NGO in consultative status (category II) with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations and works in 4 _____ with UNESCO Observatory and RMIT Public Art.
As well as need, there is much progress being done in poorer nations, which does not 5 _____ and that remain unknown to our colleagues in richer nations.

One of Architects for Peace 6 _____is to facilitate dialogue among professionals from all regions of the world, inclusive but not centred in Europe and the Anglo-USA cohort. Architects for Peace focus is on 7 _____ the larger public and done by 8 _____ . Consistent with these aims, a priority of Architects for Peace pro bono service is 9 _____ in enabling local colleagues to carry out their own projects.

Architects for Peace is an independent multidisciplinary forum of planners, architects, urban designers, landscape architects, engineers, environmentalists and artists 10 _____, seeking sustainable urban development based on social justice, solidarity, respect and peace.

The name 'Architects for Peace' involves all aspects of city design. In this sense, they use 'architects' as a term common to all our areas of urban expertise with peace as our goal.

A) local urban professionals

B) not for profit

C) working in the public domain

D) works involving or benefiting

E) a collaborative partnership

F) one aspect of design

G) most important aims

H) to assist and work collaboratively

I) an alternative forum for

J) receive sufficient attention

K) organized, implemented, created and maintained


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