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Whitewater Rafting, Mosquito Coast, Honduras

Central America is one of the best and most popular regions of the world for whitewater rafting. If you truly love adventure and love to take risks in life then it is something that you should try at least for once. The secluded rainforest of the Caribbean Coast of Honduras is a place that has become one of the most admired whitewater adventures in crystalline river that traverses impressive rainforest jungle, aboriginal tribes and one of a kind wildlife (pumas, scarlet macaws, jaguars, river otters and vampire bats).

10. Travel by Horse and Cart, Myanmar/Burma

People in Myanmar still use horse-carts driven by a single horse for the transport of travelers and goods. Traveling by horse and cart is one of the most amazing ways to discover and walk around the ruins of Myanmar. Exploring the pagodas and Buddhist temples in Bagan through horse and cart is simply awe striking.

Adventure Travelers Embrace Social Media and Online Research

Many travelers take their holiday seriously and try to find as much information as possible. Adventure tourists are no exception. Most of them have openly admitted to spending a great deal of time conducting searches relevant to their scheduled trips as well as actively following up plans likely to make their travel experiences more adventurous. The Adventure Tourism Market Study 2013 stated that the most preferred form of pre-trip preparation included online searches or consulting one’s family and friends’. Only 12% of adventure travelers failed to prepare for their trips compared to the 23% for non-adventure travelers.
Remarkably, 68% of adventure travelers are on record for having made advance plans for their trips at least four months before the date of departure with an estimated 12% confirming having made plans less than a month before their departure.

The relatively high number of adventure travelers conducting online searches is a clear indicator of the importance of maintaining a very strong web presence and a proper online marketing strategy for destinations and businesses focusing on adventure tourism market.

Moreover, a good number of adventure travelers also take advantage of social media as well. This is clearly evident from the fact that an estimated 78% of adventure travelers have confirmed links to social media such as Facebook. Apart from Facebook, a good number of adventure travelers are also active on YouTube, Twitter, Google+ etc. “Orkut” for instance, though declining social networking site that is very popular in Brazil, was reportedly used by 21% of adventure travelers from South America. It was however not widely used in Europe or North America.

Records show that North America had a greater percentage of adventure travelers who used Pinterest compared to the number of those who used it from Europe or South America. However, only 2 percent of adventure travelers from South America had absolutely no social media presence.

Adventure travelers are emerging as very important promoters of fun activities and top getaway destinations. A whopping 81% of the total number of adventure travelers admitted to having been referred by friends and family. They admitted their appreciation and comfort for the role technology has on their trips. In fact, most of them said that they would openly recommend a trip to others through social media once they get back home. On the other hand, only 23% of non-adventure travelers admitted to be willing to recommend a trip to others by making posts on social media once they get home.

Adventure travelers were also found to be willing to recommend trips by posting positive reviews on high profiling travel websites. In fact, 18% of adventure travelers said that they would make recommendations for similar trips by putting up positive reviews. This is very encouraging compared to the 8% of non-adventure traveler believed to have the same mindset.

Survival Courses – Different Kind of Holidays

Survival holidays where people go to learn survival tactics and skills are getting more and more popular. Most survival holidays take place in the jungle, desert or in the wilderness away from civilization. They are meant to equip the participants with basic necessities for human life for example water, shelter, food and habitat. Those who go for these holidays learn new techniques for example how to signal for help, how to navigate safely, how to think straight in desperate situations and how to avoid unpleasant interactions with plants and wild animals. Additionally they learn how to cure injuries using herbs without the use of conventional treatments.
Survival holidays are meant for people who are adventurers, dare devils and those who are strong at heart. What do people learn during their survival holidays?

First aid

This is one of the most important things taught in survival holidays. Here, you are taught the importance of first aid and how to perform one. For example you will learn how to treat snake bites, burns, bone fractures, headache, infection, food poisoning, sprains and wounds. You are taught all these because they are a common occurrence in the wilderness and in case you have either of the above health problems you will know what to do and how to do it.

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