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D Read the article. Then answer the questions after the text

Outdoor advertising - A breath of fresh air


A What do you understand by outdoor advertising? Give examples

B Before you read the article below, match these words to their definitions

  1 segments 2 soaring 3 mass market 4 TV slot 5 kiosks   a) a place in a television schedule b) rising quickly c) small open-fronted shop in the street for selling newspapers, etc. d) concerned with non-luxury goods that sell in large quantities e) parts of a larger market or category of customers


C Complete this statement with four of the words above

The cost of a prime-time ................................. 1 is ............................. 2.

However, advertising on ................................. 3 is cheap. Outdoor advertising is one of the fastest growing ......... 4 in the market.

D Read the article. Then answer the questions after the text

The world of outdoor advertising billboards, transport and 'street furniture' (things like bus shelters and public toilets) - is worth about $18 billion a year, just 6% of all the world's spending on advertising. But it is one of the fastest-growing segments, having doubled its market share in recent years. Outdoor advertising's appeal is growing as TV and print are losing theirs. The soaring costs of TV are prompting clients to consider alternatives. Dennis Sullivan, boss of Portland Group, a media buyer, calls outdoor advertising the last true mass-market medium. It is also cheap. In Britain, a 30-second prime-time TV slot costs over .60,000 ($100,000); placing an ad on a bus shelter for two weeks works out at about .90.

Adding to its attractions has been revolution in the quality of outdoor displays. Famous architects such as Britain's Sir Norman Foster are designing arty bus shelters and kiosks with backlit displays. Backlighting, introduced in Europe by Decaux and More, and plastic poster skins have vastly improved and contrast. Movement is possible too. Smirnoff used new multi-image printing to make a spider, seen through a vodka bottle appear to crawl up a man's back. And Disney advertised its '101 Dalmatians' video on bus shelters with the sound of puppies barking.

This sort of innovation has attracted a new class of advertiser. Recent data Concord, a poster buyer, shows that in Britain, alcohol and tobacco have been replaced by entertainment, clothing and financial services as the big outdoor advertisers, like car makers, are using it in new ways. BMW ran a 'teasers' campaign in Britain exclusively on bus shelters.

Particularly attractive to the new advertisers is street furniture, the fastest growing segment of the outdoor market. It accounts for some 20% in Europe and about 5% in America.

From The Economist

1. Complete the table using information from the first paragraph of the article.

Outdoor Advertising

  Street Furniture




2. What do these numbers in the article refer to?

18 6 30 60,000 100,000 90 20 5

3. Why has outdoor advertising become more popular? List the reasons

4. Which industries are becoming more involved in outdoor advertising?

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