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Proximate Traffic and Other Traffic

Proximate traffic is an airplane with a relative altitude

separation less than 1200 feet, is in a 6 nm radius of your

airplane, and is not a TA or RA threat.

Other traffic is an airplane with a range more than 6 nm that is not a TA or RA threat. If the range is less than 6 nm, the relative altitude must be more than 1200 feet.





The EFIS control panel and the ATC control panel control the TCAS data that shows on the displays.

EFIS Control Panel

To show the TCAS data on the display, put the mode selector on the EFIS control panel in one of these modes:

Expanded approach

Expanded VOR

Expanded map

Centered map.


The range selector selects the range for the ND.

Push the TFC (traffic) switch on the range selector to let the ND show the TCAS data. When you do this, the TFC message and the TCAS symbols of any targets show on the display.

If the function selector on the ATC control panel is not in the TA or TA/RA position, the display does this:

Shows an amber message, TCAS OFF (TCAS OFF shows in all ND modes)

Removes all TCAS target symbols.

To remove the TCAS messages and symbols from the display, push the TFC switch again.

ATC/TCAS Control Panel

The ATC/TCAS control panel sends control data through the ATC Mode S transponder to the TCAS computer. The TCAS computer sends this data to the DEU for display.

The function selector puts the TCAS computer in the TA only or TA/RA mode. In the TA only mode, the TCAS does not supply RA traffic symbols or advisories. It also does not supply RA aural messages. The function selector can also put the TCAS computer in the test mode.

The ND shows the relative altitude of the target above or below the symbol.



The TCAS computer puts traffic into these four groups:

Other traffic shows as a white open diamond, and the altitude readout is white text

Proximate traffic shows as a solid white diamond, and the altitude readout is white text

Traffic advisory (TA) shows as a solid amber circle, and the altitude readout is amber text

Resolution advisory (RA) shows as a solid red square and the altitude readout is red text.

Each traffic symbol has an altitude readout. A vertical motion arrow is also shown if the airplane vertical speed is greater than 500 feet per minute (fpm). The traffic symbols show in these navigation display modes:

Center (CTR) MAP

Expanded (EXP) MAP

Expanded (EXP) VOR

Expanded (EXP) APP.

Range Data

Push the TFC switch on the EFIS control panel to show TCAS data. The range the EFIS control panel selects also shows on the ND.

Altitude Readout

Relative altitude shows in the same color as the traffic symbol on the NDs.

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