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Please describe any unique characteristics of your school or distinctive qualities of your secondary education.



Please describe your special interest and ability in academic areas during your years at secondary school(s).




Please explain any of your extracurricular activities or work experience.


Please explain your purpose in studying at UNIST and your plans for study. Be as specific as you can, regarding your academic interests and the curriculum you expect to follow in achieving your goals.




Please describe the field in which you want to contribute your community or our world.



Date ____________________

Name _____________________________________ Signature _________________________



Application Form 4

Letter of Recommendation

(Fall 2016)

Applicantís Name :

Date of Birth : (dd/mm/yy)

Nationality :

Current/Last School :

Personal Information of Recommender

Name :

E-mail :

Title, Position and Institution :

Address :

Telephone :

What is your relation to the applicant?

How long have you known the applicant?

1. Please comment on the nature and quality of the applicant's academic performance and potential.


2. What are your impressions of the applicant as a person?


Date ____________________

Name _____________________________________ Signature _________________________


Application Form 5

Financial Certification

(Fall 2016)


Applicantís Information

Name (English): __________________________ _________________________ _______________________

Family / Last First) Middle (if any)

Date of Birth : (dd/mm/yy)______________________

Nationality : ______________________

Gender : □Male □Female

Sponsorís Information

A sponsor can be a person(including yourself) or an organization.

Name :

Relationship to Applicant :

Occupation :

Address :

Tel :


I guarantee that I will be responsible for all expenses, including tuition and living expenses, throughout the applicantís entire study at UNIST.



Date : ____________________

Name : _____________________________ Signature : _________________________



- Certificate of Deposit

- a) Certificate of either Employment or Business license of the studentís financial sponsor or

- b) Financial sponsorís Certificate of Property Tax payment


Application Form 6

Date: 2016-03-03; view: 3157

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Please explain how you have overcome financial or social difficulties, physical or emotional adversities which might have hindered you from studying during middle and high school. | FORM 2. Letter of Self-Introduction
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