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Write the correct tense in the gap.

Complete each mini-dialogue in the Present Perfect or the Present Prefect Continuous.

1. I (phone) home all day, but there's no reply. -I expect your mother (go) shopping.

2. - What's the matter? You look really tired.-I am I (study) all day, and I (not finish) yet.

3. - You (hear) the news? -What's news? - Someone (rob) the bank at the end of the road.

4. - You (hear) from your friend lately? - My friend (write) to me for years but he never (send) me a photo.

5. - Where are the children? - They (fish) since morning and I'm sure they (catch) a lot offish.

6. - How long you (live) in this city? -I (live) here since I was born.

7. - What have you been doing lately? -I (take) music lessons for 6 months.

8. - You are dirty. What you (do)? -I (fix) my bike.

9. -I (phone) you for days, but you are never at home. -I (work) on my course paper in the library.

10. -I (play) in this team for two years. - Oh, your team (do) very well lately.

11. - Your sister just (come) to see you? - No, she (stay) with us for three weeks already.

12. - That man (play) on the computer since early morning. - Oh, he (not play). He (repair) our computer all day, but (not repair) it yet.

Use the Present Perfect, the Present Perfect Continuous or the Present Continuous.

1. This old man (lose) his spectacles. We (look for) them everywhere, but we can't find them.

2. - You ever (work) as a translator? - Yes, that is what I (do) for five years.

3. The students (work) hard this term. I hope they will pass all their exams successfully.

4. The boy (solve) the cross-word puzzle for an hour and now he (try) to solve the last word.

5. - Would you like a cup of coffee, Mum? I just (make) some. - No, thanks. I (not drink) coffee for two month already.

6. I often see him but, I never (speak) to him. I (wish) to speak to him ever since he started working here.

7. There aren't any buses because the drivers (go) on strike.

8. - The children (sleep) since nine o'clock. It's time they woke up. - I (try) to wake them up for half an hour already.

9. She (study) Chinese for two years, but can't speak this language yet.

10. My hands are all covered with flour. I (make) cakes.

11. It (rain) for two days and it looks as if it would never stop.

12. - She just (sell) two of her own paintings. - She's lucky. I (paint) for five years and (not sell) a single picture yet.

The Causative – to have something done

Present simple He paintsthe house He has the house painted.
Present continuous He is painting the house. He is having the house painted.
Past simple He paintedthe house. He had the house painted.
Past continuous He was painting the house. He was having the house painted.
Future simple He will paint the house. He will have the house painted.
Future continuous He will be painting the house. He will be having the house painted.
Present perfect He has painted the house. He has had the house painted.
Present perfect continuous He has been painting the house. He has been having the house painted.
Past perfect He had painted the house. He had had the house painted.
Past perfect continuous He had been painting the house. He had been having the house painted.
Infinitive He must paint the house. He must have the house painted.
-ing form It’s worth painting the house. It’s worth having the house painted.

Write the correct tense in the gap.

1) I think he……already …his car serviced. 2) At the moment my brother ….his car fixed. 3) He …..the front door mended last year. 4) At 3 o’clock yesterday he ….his hair cut. 5) Tomorrow he….the window cleaned. 6) She ……already ……her shirts ironed. 7) I……..my hair cut yesterday. 8) We ……the house painted once a year. 9) I ……my hair cut tomorrow. 10) She …..her skirt cleaned at the moment. 11) I ….my hair trimmed once a month. 12) We’re going ……central heating installed in our house next month. 13) Sam …..a burglar alarm fitted last week. 14) I …….my car repaired at the moment. 15) The band …..just…..their new single recorded. 16) We are going ……our furniture delivered tomorrow. 17) They …..their new house decorated at the moment. 18) I ……….a new jumper knitted.   19) He is going ………a new pair of glasses made. 20) Tim ……..his car taken to the garage tomorrow. 21) Jim …….his bag stolen last night. 22) Paul ……his jaw broken in a boxing match yesterday. 23) We ……the new lock fitted next Monday. 24) Emi …..her newspaper delivered every morning by her neighbour’s son. 25) The Smiths ………their kitchen painted at the moment. 26) I ……..my hair cut short last week because I needed a change. 27) He…..his car serviced by the mechanic next Tuesday. 28) She …….her carpets fitted yesterday when I called. 29) I …….just……….my picture taken by a professional photographer. 30) Mark …….some apple trees planted in a week’s time. 31) Steve ..his wallet stolen while he was doing the shopping. 32) I always …….my rubbish collected on Fridays.

. Rewrite these sentences using ‘ to have something done’

1) They serviced Ken’s car yesterday. – Ken………

2) They’re repairing our roof at the moment. – We……

3) They’re going to fit a stereo in my car. –I ………

4) Someone cleans Sue’s flat once a week. –Sue……

5) Has anyone tested your eyes recently? –Have you………..?

6) Someone stole John’s briefcase last week. –John………

7) Someone cleans her house. – She…….

8) Someone cooks her meals. –She………

9) Someone washes her clothes. –She.……

10) Somebody cleans her windows. –She……

11) Somebody serviced her car. –She……

12) Somebody does her shopping. –She…..

13) Somebody looks after her garden. –She…..

14) Somebody posts her letters . –She……..

15) Their windows need to be cleaned. –They need………

16) The hairdresser was styling Mrs Brown’s hair. –Mrs Brown……

17) She told her son to carry the shopping to the house. –She. ……..

18) Dad is going to arrange for someone to cut the grass . –Dad is going………

19) They used to employ a cleaner who cleaned the house. –They used……

20) Did the mechanic repair Paul’s motorbike? –Did Paul……..?


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