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UNIT 77. Names with and without the (2)

A. Names without 'the'

We do not use 'the' with names of most streets/roads/squares/parks etc.:

Union Street (not 'the ...') Fifth Avenue Piccadilly Circus Hyde Park Blackrock Road Broadway Times Square Waterloo Bridge

Many names (especially names of important buildings and institutions) are two words:

Kennedy Airport Cambridge University

The first word is usually the name of a person ('Kennedy') or a place ('Cambridge'). We do not usually use 'the' with names like these. Some more examples:

Victoria Station (not 'the ...') Edinburgh Castle London Zoo Westminster Abbey Buckingham Palace Canterbury Cathedral

But we say 'the White House', 'the Royal Palace', because 'white' and 'royal' are not names like 'Kennedy' and 'Cambridge'. This is only a general rule and there are exceptions.

B. Most other names (of places, buildings etc.) have names with the:

adjective or the + name etc. + noun

the Hilton Hotel

the National Theatre

the Sahara Desert

the Atlantic Ocean

These places usually have names with the:

hotels/restaurants/pubs: the Station Hotel, the Bombay Restaurant, the Red Lion (pub)

theatres/cinemas: the Palace Theatre, the Odeon Cinema

museums/galleries: the British Museum, the Tate Gallery

other buildings: the Empire State Building, the Festival Hall, the White House

oceans/seas/canals: the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, the Suez Canal


newspapers: the Washington Post, the Financial Times

organizations (but see also Section D): the European Union, the BBC (= the British Broadcasting Corporation)

Sometimes we leave out the noun: the Hilton (Hotel), the Sahara (Desert)

Sometimes the name is only the + noun: the Vatican (in Rome), the Sun (British newspaper)

Names with ... of ... usually have the. For example:

the Bank of England

the Tower of London

the Museum of Modern Art

the Houses of Parliament

the Great Wall of China

the Tropic of Capricorn

the Gulf of Mexico

the University of London (but the London University)

C. Many shops, restaurants, hotels, banks etc. are named after the people who started them. These names end in -'s or -s. We do not use 'the' with these names:

Lloyds Bank (not the Lloyds Bank) McDonalds Jack's Guest House Harrods (shop)

Churches are often named after saints:

St John's Church (not the St John's Church)

St Paul's Cathedral

D. Names of companies, airlines etc. are usually without 'the':

Fiat (not the Fiat) Sony Kodak British Airways IBM




77.1 Use the map to answer the questions in the way shown. Write the name of the place and the street it is in. On maps we do not normally use the. In your sentences, use the if necessary.

1. Is there a cine a near here? Yes, the Odeon in Baines Street.

2. Is there a supermarket near here? Yes, --- in ---.

3. Is there a hotel near here? Yes, --- in ---.

4. Is there a church near here? Yes, ---.

5. Is there a nub near here? Yes. ---.

6. Is there a museum near here? Yes, ---.

7. Is there a bank near here? Yes, ---.

8. Is there a Park near here? Yes, --- at the end of ---.

9. Is there a restaurant near here? Yes,---.

77.2 Where are these streets and buildings? Choose from the box to complete the sentences. Use the where necessary.

Acropolis Vatican Broadway White House Buckingham Palace St Mark's Cathedral Eiffel Tower Trafalgar Square

1. _Trafalgar_ Square is in London.

2. --- is in Paris.

3. --- is in Rome.

4. --- is in London.

5. --- is in New York.

6. --- is in Washington.

7. --- is in Athens.

8.--- is in Athens. is in Venice.

77.3 Choose the correct form, with or without the.

1. Have you ever been to _British Museum/the British Museum._ (the ... is correct)

2. _Hyde Park/The Hyde Park_ is a very large park in central London.

3. Another park in central London is _St James's Park/the St James's Park._

4. _Grand Hotel/The Grand Hotel_ is in _Baker Street/the Baker Street._

5. We flew to New York from _Gatwick Airport/the Gatwick Airport_ near London.

6. Frank is a student at _Liverpool University/the Liverpool University._

7. If you're looking for a good clothes shop, I would recommend _Harrison's/the Harrison's._

8. If you're looking for a good pub, I would recommend _Ship Inn/the Ship Inn._

9. _Statue of Liberty/The Statue of Liberty_ is at the entrance to _New York harbour/the New York harbour._

10. You should go to _Science Museum/the Science Museum._ It's very interesting,

11. John works for IBM/the IBM now. He used to work for _British Telecom/the British Telecom._

12. 'Which cinema are you going to this evening?' '_Classic/The Classic._'

13. I'd like to go to China and see _Great Wall/the Great Wall._

14. Which newspaper shall I buy--_Independent/the Independent_ or _Herald/the Herald_?

15. This book is published by _Cambridge University Press/the Cambridge University Press._



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