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To agree a noun and an adjective means to use them in the same Gender, Number and Case.

To agree a noun and an adjective you should:

1. determine gender, number and case of the noun;

2. determine group of the adjective by its dictionary form;

3. agree the adjective and the noun by gender, number and case.

For example, you translate from English into Latin the following anatomical terms: mastoid process, vertebral foramen.

Process processus: gender - masculine, singular, Nominative. Mastoid mastoiděus, a, um: adjective of the 1st group. We agree the adjective mastoiděus in the masculine gender, singular number, Nominative case: processus mastoiděus.

Foramen forāmen: neuter, singular, Nominative. Vertebral vertebrālis, e: adjective of the 2nd group. We agree the adjective vertebrālis in the neuter gender, singular number, Nominative case: forāmen vertebrāle.


VI. Exercises


1. Translate the following terms into Latin according to grammatical agreement:

pharyngeal network; deep cervical lymphatic node; oval opening; thoracic fascia; transverse palatine raphe; stony branch; internal capsule; middle temporal artery; spinous opening; parietal lobe; superficial vein.


2. Translate the following terms into Latin according to grammatical agreement:

articular process of vertebra; bony septum of nose; palatine process of upper jaw; valve of coronary sinus; middle fossa of skull; left lumbar trunk.


3. Translate the following terms into Latin according to grammatical agreement:

ligament of vertebral column; fibrous capsule of thyroid gland; furrow (groove) of occipital artery; aperture of frontal sinus.


4. Translate the following terms into Latin according to grammatical agreement:

pulmonary surface; lateral ligament; right plate; palatine process; vertebral ganglion (nerve node); costal arch; frontal crest; occipital angle; medial head; sacral canal; superficial vein; simple joint; medial root; costal surface; arched (arch-shaped) crest.


5. Make up grammatical agreement of the following adjectives with the given nouns:

1 sulcus, i m transversus, a, um
  ligamentum, i n  
  linea, ae f  


2 sulcus, i m palatīnus, a, um
  os, ossis n  
  processus, us m  


3 sutūra, ae f frontālis, e
  angŭlus, i m  
  tuber, ěris n  


4 valvŭla, ae f venōsus, a, um
  plexus, us m  
  sinus, us m  


5 processus, us m articulāris, e
  facies, ēi f  
  tubercŭlum, i n  


6 muscŭlus, i m pterygoiděus, a um
  fossa, ae f  


7 arcus, us m zygomatĭcus, a, um
  os, ossis n  


8 facies, ēi f internus, a, um
  ganglion, i n  


6. Make up Genitive forms of the following adjectives:

1. cervicālis, e 7. thoracĭcus, a, um
2. internus, a, um 8. medius, a, um
3. sinister, tra, trum 9. lumbālis, e
4. simplex, ĭcis 10. laterālis, e
5. osseus, a, um 11. temporālis, e
6. lymphatĭcus, a, um 12. vertebrālis, e





1st group of adjectives
1. coronarĭus, a, um coronary
2. fibrōsus, a, um fibrous
3. internus, a, um internal
4. lymphatĭcus, a, um lymphatic
5. mastoiděus, a, um mammiform
6. medĭus, a, um middle
7. ossěus, a, um bony
8. palatīnus, a, um palatine
9. petrōsus, a, um stony
10. pharyngēus, a, um pharyngeal
11. profundus, a, um deep
12. pterygoiděus, a, um wing-shaped, pterygoid
13. sinister, tra, trum left
14. spinōsus, a, um spinous
15. thoracĭcus, a, um thoracic
16. thyreoideus, a, um thyroid
17. transversus, a, um transverse
18. venōsus, a, um venous
19. zygomatĭcus, a, um zygomatic



2nd group of adjectives
20. arciformis, e arch-shaped
21. articulāris, e articular
22. cervicālis, e cervical
23. ethmoidālis, e sieve-shaped
24. frontālis, e frontal
25. horizontālis, e horizontal
26. laterālis, e lateral
27. lumbālis, e lumbar
28. occipitālis, e occipital
29. orbitālis, e orbital
30. ovālis, e oval
31. parietālis, e 32. pulmonālis,e parietal pulmonary
33. sagittālis, e sagital
34. sphenoidālis, e wedge-shaped, sphenoid
35. superficiālis, e superficial
36. temporālis, e temporal
37. vertebrālis, e vertebral

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