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The Traditional Healthy

Vegetarian Diet Pyramid


Daily Beverage

Recommendations :

6 Glasses of Water WEEKLY




A A few also say that meat just tastes great.

B First of all, humans have evolved to eat meat, so it can be seen as a natural part of our behaviour.

@In addition. they also avoid using other animal products like leather. D Not eating meat, so the argument goes, reduces such risks.

E Others believe that keeping and killing animals for food is cruel. F People who follow a vegetarian diet are often fitter, have lower cholesterol levels and are less likely to have weight problems.

G Some people, though, are vegetarians for religious reasons.

HThis is because it is rich in protein, which is a vital part of a balanced diet.


'lentil ['lentil] -coYeBlo1l..\fl










B) Think and answer, then write arguments for and against

a vegetarian diet.


What do you think of vegetarian diets?

Is it possible for everyone to follow such

a diet? Is it necessary to do so?

Should a person check with

His or her doctor first if it is advisable

to do so

or not?






C-->R - - - ; · · ; :· ; ; -into tw · ;- - - · ; · - ; ·.·····Fast Food Restaurants have become very popular. But not everyone thinks they are a good idea. Here are some arguments in favour and against fast food restaurants. Which views do you support? Can you think of any more 'for' and 'against'?


• The service is very quick.

• The restaurants are usually very

clean .

• The

atmosphere is


• Fast food

restaurants are the

same everywhere, so you know exactly what you want.

• The food contains a lot of fat and

is unhealthy.

• The food is not cheap, especially for young people .

•Therestaurantscreatemuch litter.

• The material which is often used for fast food cartons takes centuries to decay and contains dangerous elements.

F9iDo the group project. Prepare information about restaurants in your town or area and organise it in a table.







Reports are formal pieces of wr iting about a specific person, place, event , z

plan, etc. They are always directed to others usually in written form in

response to their request to provide information .0

Reports can take the form of: 1 an assessment report -1

2 a proposal report

3 a survey report

Include the following information before you start the report :

To(whom the report is addressed) From(whom the report comes) Subject(of the report)

Date(when it was written or sent)


1 Guess and match the parts of a report (1-3) with their contents (a-c).

1 An Introduction asummar ises the presented

2 A Body information and may offer an

3 A Conclusion opinion or some suggestions

bpoints out the content and the objective of the report

c presents the detailed information relevant to the topic (+ headings for different parts of a report)




beginning reports

The purpose I intention I aim of this report is to ...

This report contains I examines I assesses I evaluates I

discusses Ipresents ...

This is a report concerning I regarding the topic I subject of ...

As requested, this report ...

ending reports

To conclude I To sum up ...

In conclusion ...

I I We conclude I recommend I suggest I ...

On the whole ...















2 a) Get some useful information and discuss it in small groups.

An assessment reportpresents and assesses the positive and/or negative aspects of the topic which is under discussion. In the final paragraph you may include your opinion or suggestions.

An assessment report consists of:

an introductionin which you state the content as well as the aim of the report;

a bodyin which you present the positive and/or negative aspects of the topic (in more extensive reports you might want to group them under different subheadings);

a conclusionwhich is basically a summary of the presented information where you may also want to express your opinion or give some suggestions.

Very often when you write an assessment report you are also asked to write a proposal report . It contains plans , suggestions and recommendations about which course of action is to be taken in the future. Of course , a proposal report must be approved by the people who have requested the report.

Besides expressions how to

begin I end a report, you may find the following phrases for expressing recommendation(s) also useful.


IIWe recommend Isuggest (that) ...

MyI Our recommendation is ...

It would be advisabie to ...


b) In pairs, analyse the plans for writing both types of the reports arid

speak on the difference between them.




To: From: Subject: Date:


Paragraph 1 presenting the content and the aim of the report


Paragraph 2-31

detailed presentation of assessment of the positive/negative aspects of the topic

in separate paragraphs



Paragraph 4 summarising the presented assessment and expressing

your opinion or giving



To: From: Subject: Date:


Paragraph 1 presenting the content and the aim of the report


Paragraph 2-3

detailed presentation of suggestions or recommendations in separate paragraphs

(+ reasons & justifications)



Paragraph 4

summarising the presented proposals and, if needed, stating your opinion and choosing

the best propo-sal







3 In groups, read the situation and analyse the information on page 126.

You are a teacher of English in a secondary school.

You have decided to take a group of your students to England not only to improve their knowledge

of English, but also to introduce them to the customs and the way of life in England.

Before taking your students for a three­ weeks' course you decide to visit and check the college your students have chosen to stay at.

This is the report that will be presented

to the students' parents at the meeting priortothefinal decision being made.


'The number of paragraphs depends on the number of aspects you want to present.





StJames's Languages International




  PRICE   • everything included   relatively expensive
  (transportation, accommodation) (£1,700)

LOCATION• Greenfield (a small town near short distance from London -only two hours by London (students train) can go on their own)

typical English town- cinemas , • drinking in local

local theatre, shopping centre, pubs (owners are town library, museum, pubs not too strict)


COURSE(S)safe for young people students have the courses in general English, option of taking only specialised courses as well morning classes small groups afternoon classes

(up to 10 students) could be easily

5 classes a day changed into sports

(25 per week) activities

• students do their assignments unsupervised


COLLEGE• excellent academic facilities renting sport

FACILITIES(college library, computer equipment must be rooms, study rooms) paid extra

superb sports facilities (swimming pools, play- grounds, tennis courts ...)


ACCOM-a choice between a residential some families allow

MODATIONcourse or staying with a family too much freedom food provided in a college to students

canteen (3 meals) students might not be accustomed to canteen food


EXCURSION(S)a whole day trip to London

a whole day trip to Oxford and







4 Put the following paragraphs (A-K) into the correct order (1-7) to make a report.

A Price

The price of the course is relatively high, but all the expenses are included. Therefore, parents should provide only pocket money.

BMs L. Naumenko, teacher

C Location

StJames's Languages International is a


1 [f)TO:















language school with a long tradition. It is located in Greenfield, which is a typical English town with a local theatre , cinemas, a town museum, a library, restaurants and a shopping centre . Greenfield is only two hours by train from London. However, this could create a problem because students can easily go to London in the afternoon and be back by dinner.

D Course(s)

The school offers a variety of courses and the groups are small - up to 10 students. I recommend that all the students take a course in general English (3 hours in the morning) and 2 classes (project work) in the afternoon as well. The school has excellent academic facilities (study rooms, libraries, etc.) and, I am positive , students will benefit from them enormously.

However, there is a possibility to take sports activities instead of language classes in the afternoon. I would not recommend it because students have plenty of time to participate in sports activities after their language classes, which end at 4 p.m.

@Mrs E. F. Winter. Principal

F15 May, 2011

G Accommodation

Students have a choice between a residential course and staying with a family. Both options have their benefits and drawbacks'. I would suggest a residential course because some families allow students to stay out late.

All three meals are provided in the college canteen . Despite the fact that

some students are not accustomed to canteen food , I am convinced that most students will find the food satisfactory.

H In conclusion , I think that StJames's Languages International satisfies all the requirements. Therefore , I recommend it as a summer language school.

'a drawback ['dr;:,:ba=k]- HeAOiliK , BaAa










As requested, the purpose of this report is to assess the suitability of St

James's Languages International as a summer language school.

JStJames's Languages International

K Excursion(s)

The course also includes two one-day visits to London and Oxford. On these two trips students will be accompanied by their teachers. Excellent local guides are provided as well.

-G) Read the situation and write a report following

The instructions.

You have noticed that the number of students eating junk food during the breaks in your school is increasing. You have spoken to some members of the Students' Council. They have decided to launch a campaign called 'Teenagers for Healthy Food'. You have been asked to contribute by writing a report with suggestions for a more balanced diet.

1 'Write a report and make you include the following information:

• the harmful effects of junk food on students' health

• alternative healthier diets

• how to start changing their eating habits

• how this change will have beneficial effects on their health

Write 200-250 words.

• use clear headings to help the reader to follow your report easily (introduction, recommendations, conclusion)

• divide your report into short sections (paragraphs)

• state your ideas clearly and directly (see 'Useful Phrases' on page 123)

• use traditional words I phrases (stating aims, giving reasons, making recommendations, conclusions)


a check if the task is completed

bcheck if the layout I organisation is appropriate for the task

c reread your report and check for mistakes (grammar, vocabulary, spelling, punctuation)

dcheck the number of words







1 Complete each sentence choosing a correct word 'food', 'dish' or 'meal' in a correct form.

1 I'm quite surprised but I'm really enjoying English ....

2 Moussaka is one of the most delicious ... you can eat in this country.

3 The cost of your holidays includes two ... a day: breakfast and dinner.

4 When I visit you I could cook a ... that is from Ukraine.

5 The ... in my country is delicious .

6 Too many people eat ready ... which they buy from supermarkets.

7 It's difficult not to cook good ... when the ingredients are so fresh.

8 I've got such a little food in the house that Ithink we'd better go out for a ....


2 Choose the correct verb form to complete each sentence.

1 The boss ordered them (to not go I not to go)home until the job (wasI


2 My friend says that he (has been working I had been working)for that company since 1996.

3 Joanna told me that she (didn't want I doesn't want)anything from me.

4 She reported that they (were having I had)dinner then .

5 They told me that they (had read I have read)that novel the year before.

6 The class repeated that they (had made I have made)up their mind and they (were going to travel/ would travel)to Spain .

7 She asked me if (had I seen /I had seen)him.

8 He wanted to know what (was I doing /I was doing)that night.



QListen to two people ordering food and answer these questions.

1 What do they order to drink?



2 Have they been to this restaurant before?



3 What starters do they order?



4 For what reason does Peter choose his starter?



5 What main courses do they order?






















6 What special request does Mary make?



7 What is a choron sauce?



8 What are they going to have to drink with their meal?



4 Read about a restaurant and choose the correct item (a-d) on page 131 to each question below.






1 What type of restaurant is the Benihana?

a) Chinese b) Indian c) English d) Japanese

2 How much does an evening meal chosen from the menu usually cost?

a) £8.50 b) £12 c) £14 d) £30

3 Which of these groups cannot reserve the private dining room?

a) a family group of eight

b) ten people having a business lunch

c) an office party of twenty people

d) six people celebrating a friend's birthday

4 How many people can sit together at the hibachi table?

a) eight b) ten c) twelve d) sixteen

5 The food is prepared and cooked in the ...

a) dining room and served by the waiters.

b) dining room and served by the chefs.

c) kitchen and served by the waiters.

d) kitchen and served by the chefs.

6 When is the children's special available?

a) every lunchtime

b) all day Sunday

c) Sunday lunchtime

d) all weekend



CAN YOU... IN ENGLISH? 0- Yes, I can.

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