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Work in small groups of 2-3 people. Read the text and think about possible answer of the guide. Share your ideas with the class.

The Florida beach and the sky looking inviting to the tourist from the North. He was going to swim, so he asked his guide: “You’re sure there are no alligators here, aren’t you?’’

“ No, no”, replied the guide smiling. “there are no alligators here.”

The tourist was no longer afraid. He stepped into the water and was about to swim. Then he shouted to the guide again: “What makes you sure there aren’t

any alligators?” …


Together with your partner, discuss the statements and questions below. Use the useful language box.



A: My conviction is that a tourist must prepare well for the journey. This might safe him time and nerves.

B: Oh, you are so demanding! My impression is that you’ve never had any problems while travelling. Are you always so well organized?

A: No, sometimes accidents happen. But I dare to say that half of them could have been avoided if …


1) What dangerous things can a tourist face while travelling?

2) What is the biggest problem for you as a tourist\traveler?

3) Do you prefer holidays which include a lot of activities or more relaxing ones? Why?

4) Who would be your ideal holiday companion? What would you do?

5) Do you eat more when you're on holiday? Do you put on weight or do you work it all off?

6) Have you ever experienced a situation where your belongings were stolen?



Work in small groups of 2 people. Choose a box with a situation from a tourist’s experience. Make a dialogue and find the best possible way out from the given situation. Use the useful language box above to express your opinion.







Before you listen

Discuss the questions in your class

o What is your dream holiday?

o Do you prefer to plan your holiday yourself of to buy a tour?

o What is the best way for you to travel alone or with a company?

o Do you agree with the statement: “He travels faster who travels alone”?


You are going to watch a video item Your Dream Holiday. Watch the video two times and choose the correct answer from the statements below

Friendship is

a) a noun which describes the relationships between main characters in the video

b) a company which helps to find your match

c) a travel company

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