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Переведите предложения с конструкцией not ... until/till, используя прием антонимического перевода.

Переведите предложения, содержащие отрицание, ис­пользуя прием антонимического перевода.

1. Не suffered from anorexia, an eating disorder, which is rare in young men hut not unknown. 2. The lieutenant was known as a stickler for discipline and a bit pompous with it; but he was not an unpopular officer. 3. His appearance was never less than dignified. He was tall with a face of surprising ascetism. 4. He was not unenthusiastic about science and technology. 5. They were not unhelpful but seemed to take it axiomatic that he was stupid and idle. 6. I remember when Sarah was no more than a schoolgirl she could swim across the lake. 7. He took the cake to the bird table, not without an uneasy glance back to see if anyone was watching him. 8. Young women are not invulnerable, but heart disease typically strikes women in their late 50s or 60s. That's about ten years later than it does men. 9. Dealing with football fans required different methods. But it cannot be impossible to devise ways of dealing with them. 10. Exhausted though I was, I had never felt less like sleep in my life. 11. Such observations reported by visitors to the US are not uncommon. 12. "See here, Jonathan," said is father, not unkindly. "Winter isn't far away". 13. England is talking of nothing else but the forthcoming big fight tonight at Burlington house. 14. He was coming to the meeting with few expectations but he was not coming totally unprepared. 15. This place looked like a show flat, carefully furnished to attract a purchaser. But it would be a rich purchaser; nothing in this apartment had been inexpensive. 16. Everyone was sorry for Mabel and could not do enough to make up for the unjust suspicions they had had. 17. She didn't dislike the village. But for twenty-seven years the centre of her life had been elsewhere. 18. She doesn't always let people know what her real feelings are. 19. Anyone looking around the tasteful and expensive decor of her flat would have guessed that Miss Baker was a young woman of not un­substantial means. 20. It's not uncommon for me to be called in to operate on an emergency.

Переведите предложения с конструкцией not ... until/till, используя прием антонимического перевода.

1. Science fiction as a genre did not exist until 1926 when Hugo Gernback started Amazing Stories as a monthly magazine. 2. It was not: until she was out in the corridor that it occurred to Ellie that he was probably looking for the diary. 3. The teacher didn't know the boy was homeless until a reporter asked her for an interview. 4. It wasn't until he joined the Air Force in 1985, that his life began to deteriorate. 5. As early as the fifth century, the great Christian theologian warned against taking the six days of Genesis literally. He argued that the days of creation were not successive, ordinary days — the sun, after all, according to Genesis, was not created until the fourth "day" — and had nothing to do with time. 6. I didn't think about what she'd said to me until years later, after I moved to New York. 7. It was not until 1930 that an American scientist won a Nobel Prize in medicine. 8. You've Got Mail was the first time IV4eg Ryan and Tom Hanks worked together. In Sleepless in Seattle their characters didn't meet until the last scene. 9. Electric washing machines didn't take off until the 1960s. 10. It wasn't until the early 1990s that phones with moving pictures became a practical reality, the key development being digital image processing. 11. It wasn't until he died and his son came on from New Jersey for the funeral that I found out he had never been in the Far West in his life. He had been born in Brooklyn. 12. It is often not until conflicts have escalated enough to dominate the evening news that countries are seriously ready to provide funds, people, peacekeepers and humani­tarian assistance. 13. I did not meet Matty until after lunch when I joined the infant class.

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