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Brief description of the discipline






for the specialities: 5B050600 – Economy,

5Â051300 – World economy



Course: 3

Semester: 6


Karagandy 2015

Author: Zhartay Zh.M.,senior teacher, master of economic sciences.



Discipline of «Economy of the firm» is the independent economic discipline which subject of studying is firm’s activity, process of development and adoption of economic decisions. Studying of this course gives the chance to arm students with knowledge of the new mechanism of functioning of the firm in the developed legal, economic, financial and administrative environment.

The complex is intended for students and teachers.



Educational and methodical complex on discipline «Economy of the firm»for the specialties: 5B050600 – Economy, 5Â051300 – World economy/Author: Zhartay Zh.M..– Karagandy: Publishing house of Karaganda state university, 2015. – 65 p.



© Karaganda State University, 2015

1. Curriculum of the discipline (Appendix 1).

This discipline is component of choice


Work curriculum of the discipline

Period of study Course Semester Credits Lecture Practical classes Office hour Independent work Total Form of control


¹ Theme Lectures Practical classes Office hours Ind. work
1. Firm in the market economy
2. Theories of firm: neoclassical and institutional
3. Transaction cost theory of firm
4. Contract theory
5. Production program of firm
6. Production capacity of firm
7. Fixed assets of firm
8. Turnover (working) capital of firm
9. Firm personnel
10. Expenses of firm
11. Finance of firm
12. Pricing of firm
13. Economic efficiency of production and profit of firm
14. Investment activity of firm
15. Innovation activity of firm



3.1 Information about teacher:

Zhartay Zh.M., senior teacher, master of economic sciences.

Chair of Economy and International Business, room #448,

Days: Monday – Friday, 10.00 a.m. – 17.00 p.m.


3.2 Pre-requisites of a course: Theory of Economics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics.

3.3 Post-requisites of a course: Economic analysis of economic activities, Economy and organization of small business, Economy of customs affairs, Construction economy, Enterprise’s strategy, Environment management economy, Basics of business, Economics of industrial works, Production organization, Economy of foreign firms, Investment activities of the enterprise, Economy and organization of joint-stock company, Economy of paid services.

Brief description of the discipline

Discipline of «Economy of the firm» is a component of a cycle of professional and special disciplines and is intended for studying by students of economic specialties. Object of research of enterprise’s economy are all processes, which processes which happen in other economic enterprises. Economic processes are considered from their impact on other economic subjects. Discipline «Economy of the firm» studies not only economic subjects traditionally now, but also the public, noncommercial enterprises, such, as higher educational institutions, consumer societies and others. The discipline «Economy of the firm» formulates scientific hypotheses on economic processes, checks them on the basis of empirical data and specifies what should be expected results. This subject matter has applied nature, develops decision making models, proceeding from particular purposes of development of available means, which are used as instruments for the solution of practical problems, studies enterprise activity as the difficult organism representing production and economic system, which task to make production, works and services.

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