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Number of States
Number of Union Territories 7 with NCT New Delhi
Total area 32,87,240 Sq Km
Total population 1.252 Billion
Population density 382 People/ Sq Km



Source Census 2011


Description of the Short Term Camps

General Information:

§ All Short Term Camps (STC) last two weeks with fixed dates.

§ There will always be a RUCHI Camp Leader

§ Volunteers take care of their own travel costs and bear all personal expenses during free time.

§ Volunteers have to be 18 years or older

§ No special skills are required; volunteers have to be open minded and willing to adapt to challenging conditions.

§ Volunteers’ contribution is always recognized and appreciated but they will have to accept the fact that they cannot change the world in two weeks.

§ Living conditions will be simple.

§ Volunteers must be willing to understand and respect local as well each other’s culture.

§ Volunteers must be prepared to live in harmony with others and work as a team.

§ For every STC there will be a special info-sheet with more detailed information.

§ Working hours will be 5-6 hours, 5 days a week.


This is a voluntary service project developed for a short duration of two weeks. Under this camp, besides experiencing rural culture, the volunteers get an opportunity to foster international dialogue and friendship. During the camp, volunteers work, live and have fun together in a simple natural environment. Depending on the programme of each project, volunteers can join activities in different areas of RUCHI’s work.


Short duration camps are held round the year. Group of 6 to 10 people are invited to participate in them. In these camps they join projects involving civil works such as construction of Irrigation Tank, development & protection of Natural Spring, construction of Ferro Cement Tank for rain water harvesting, repairs and renovation works, teaching/arts/games with school children, trees plantation.


The contribution for a two-week camp is Euro 200except Dharamsala, Jodhpur, Shimla and festival campswhich costEuro 220because of their touristic locations. The participants are required to pay the contribution in cash on the first day of their arrival in the workcamp. Please note that there is no ATM available in some of the work camp areas. Therefore, money has to be changed in Delhi or Chandigarh city. The contribution covers all basic expenses, e.g. vegetarian food, housing and local transportation on weekdays/ work camp. You will need money for weekend extra expenses and for your personal toiletries. Alcoholic drinks are not included.


Why the extra fee?

RUCHI with other NGO’s in India is not financially supported by government to host projects related to IVS. Hence all projects are self funded with a participation fee. Given the remote location and various complexities we have tried our best to make it as affordable as possible for volunteers. Being a non-profit organization we emphasize on transparency, below is how we spend collected participation fee.

  • Food, accommodation and logistics of volunteer during workcamp.
  • Project setup costs. (material and logistics cost)
  • Running the camp. (wages of professional like mason, carpenter, plumber etc and training local youth supported by us.)
  • Office running/admin expenses. (Internet, photocopy, stationary, electricity, phone, salaries, office equipments, tools and rent etc.)
  • Supporting small community project.
  • International travel costs to global conferences and membership fee for networking.

Theme: Tibetan-Indian Culture

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