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Improper risk management

I do not have the details regarding the message in Guru. But, anyway, it sounds like the whole project was under the budgetary risk. There is a need to create a specific system that will help more efficiently control the budget and secure the payments.


5. Skills of Project Manager

She always wrote with the mistakes and it made an impression that she was always in a hurry.

Project Manager was always in a hurry. She is attaching the wrong documents and constantly makes spelling mistakes.




6. Developer was assigned to another project and didn’t contribute to the Peeps Project at all.



7. Overdue.


8. PM took too much day offs and for the new PM it took time



The role of PM – as I mentioned above the PM should be the one who is managing the project. I got an impression that in our case study Stella was more of a PM and Lori an assistant to Stella.

Creating to- do lists from my perspective should be doing a PM

Wrong assessment of developers. In my opinion again


No secure payments



Stella was the one who completed the tasks


Diana also introduced the QA engineers

Meanwhile, Lori was just forwarding the emails from the client


Problems with an inherited code



Project Manager was always in a hurry. She is attaching the wrong documents and constantly makes spelling mistakes.



Communication of developer with the client




PM needs to make conclusions


New Project manager – as a result more time to be spent on researching


Miss communication in terms of how the customer is busy






Client wanted to launch an application as soon as possible, but as a result, the project tuned out to be a nightmare both for Scopic team and the client.


This is a web application that is about 85% complete. In addition, our job is to add in the missing features and bug fix.


How did you agree to “bug fixing” – was it bug fixing of the whole application or just the code you write?

Customers’ requirements were simple and project overall was simple. Because of the huge communication problems instead of launching an app, you almost launched a rocket.


The whole problem there was that too many were involved.



Client had too many points of contact. I would assume the first was Alex Habib (Sales and Marketing), then Alex S (who checked the initial requirements and gave the client “false not promised hopes” of the soonest delivery), Stella, Diana, Lori, Duang, Vlad, Vera, Ben (?), Tim.


From my perspective in this project, Stella was a project manager and Lori was an assistant to the project manager. In my understanding, Project manager is the one who carries the whole responsibility for the project in front of the client. In our case, one can clearly see that PM at some degree blames Stella that some project requirements were not considered from the beginning.


It is obvious that the primary challenge of this particular case study is a poor communication between team members and the client. Before I start analyzing, the challenges in details I would like to briefly outline what from my understanding are considered to be the primary duties of the PM. PM is the one who carries the whole responsibility for the project in front of the client. He is the only who should be communicating and managing the project. No other team members (especially developers) are to be in direct communication with the client, as it makes much harder tracking the project in the long run. In other words, PM should be the only point of contact with the client. PM is the one who makes all assessments and initiates the project.


1- Plus, during the chat with client, Alex gave him the “false hopes” to complete the project within 30 days. Of course, Alex did not promise it, but the client received the wrong perception of the possible project delivery dates. Of course, client was upset when it took much longer to deliver the project.

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