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Find pictures to decorate your article.

Writing an article describing a visit to a place

When we write an article describing a visit to a place we usually write four paragraphs.


In the first paragraphwe write the name and location of the place as well as our reason(s) for choosing it.

Main Body

Inthe second paragraphwe usually write about what the place looks like. In the third paragraphwe describe the place in detail. We can include the things we can see, feel, hear, smell and taste.


Inthe last paragraph,we write about our feelings and personal comments and/or our recommendation. Narrative descriptions of places can be found in tourist magazines, letters, stories etc. We normally use past tenses to describe our visit. However, we use present tenses to talk about the location. We can use a variety of adjectives and adverbs as well as our senses to make our description more appealing to the reader.


TASK 1. Do you enjoy buying presents? What would you buy for your: six-year-old brother/ best friend/grandparents/boss on their birthday? Choose from the list, giving reasons.

jewellery an antique ornament/dock clothes a CD a piece of art (e.g. a painting) an expensive pen a diary a leather wallet a bunch of flowers bath oils a book tickets to the theatre perfume


TASK 1. Read the newspaper article below, then put the sentences that follow in the correct order.


Last Saturday afternoon Mrs Smith bought a £10 silver bracelet for her niece's birthday and walked away with a £5,000 pair of gold and diamond earrings. "The sales girl made a mistake and gave me the wrong bag" she told our reporter. David Grey, the manager of the jewellery shop, was so grateful when she returned them that he gave her a £500 gold bracelet. Her niece, Jenny Potter, said it was the best present she had ever had!

O The sales girl made a mistake.

O The manager gave her a gold bracelet worth £500.

O Mrs Smith's niece had a wonderful birthday present.

O Mrs Smith left the store with a £5,000 pair of earrings.

O Mrs Smith went to the jewellery shop.

O Mrs Smith returned the earrings.

O Mrs Smith bought a bracelet worth £10.

TASK 2. Read the rubric and answer the questions in the plan.

Your local newspaper is holding a short story competition and you have decided to enter. Your story must start with the words "Have you ever had a really wonderful surprise?"


(Para 1) Who/What is the story about? Where/When did it take place?

Main Body

(Paras 2-3) What happened first/next etc? What was the climax?


(Para 4) What happened in the end? How did you

feel? What are your comments or reactions?


TASK 1. a. When were you born? What is your star sign? Describe your personality.

b. What do you take into consideration when you choose a present for someone: their position; their star sign; their preferences; their hobbies? Doyou believe that knowing someone's star sign can help you decide on an appropriate present? Read the article and find out.

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