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Muffins and Cupcakes

o Chocolate

o Vanilla

o Lemon

o Nutty

o Spicy

o Fruity

o Coconut

v ream for Cupcakes

1. Light cream based on sour cream

2. Classic Cupcake cream from butter

3. Tender cream based on ream cheese

ü (Cream also can contain some toppings on your choice chocolate, vanilla, lemon etc. And could have any color, bright or light, as you want)

Muffins, made from oat or corn flour for your health. Healthy cupcakes are prepared with Cream cheese cream)


1. Woopie cookie

2. Chocolate cookies with m&ms

3. Lemon cookies

4. Ginger or spicy cookies

5. Classic vanilla cookies with or without chocolate drops

6. Coconut cookies

7. Light almond cookies

8. Chocolate cookies Cracks

Healthy cookies, based on corn or buckwheat, oat with cacao, cinnamon or ginger

Puddings and creme brulee

1. Vanilla

2. Lime or lemon

3. Chocolate

4. Caramel

5. Coconut

ü Could be prepared with caramel or fruits or berries of your wish

Healthy variants of puddings with honey

Classic Cheesecakes

Cheese blanmanje(light desert without baking)

1. Vanilla

2. Chocolate

3. Lemon

ü Cream cheese part can be prepared on chocolate, nutty or vanilla base.

Healthy ones are made on oat or nutty base.

Cheese deserts could be decorated with Jelly or any season fruits, chocolate, and caramel.

Holiday Cakes

1. Red Velvet

2. Ginger Cake

3. Ideal Carrot cake

4. Amazing cake "Hummingbird"

5. Green tea cake

6. Chocolate and coffee cake.

7. Bird's milk

8. Cake of Queen Victoria

9. Cake Dark Larry (for chocoholics)

All cakes could be decorated with any special Writing, fruits, white, milk or dark chocolate

v Also it could have pink, red, blue, yellow or green colour inside

Healthy variant of Carrot cake is strikingly tasty

Pies and Classic home cakes

1. Pie with apples

2. Pear cake

3. Orange cake

4. Lemon pie

5. Pies with berries

6. Brouny (tender chocolate cake based on bear or coffee)

7. Banoffy pie.

Approximate prices

(all of them can be changed by agreement)

Muffins and cupcakes 100 150 Czk/ 6-8 p.

Classic Cheesecakes - 200-250 zk

Puddings 100-150 Czk/ 6p

Cookies 70-100 Czk/10-15 p, 100-175 czk/25-30 p

Holiday cakes - 300-450 zk

Pies and classic home cakes - 100-200 zk

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