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Los Angeles, May 9, 1970



yasmin sarväëi bhütäny

ätmaiväbhüd vijänataù

tatra ko mohaù kaù çoka

ekatvam anupaçyataù

[Éço 7]

"One who always sees all living entities as spiritual sparks, in quality one with the Lord, becomes a true knower of things. What is there as illusion or anxiety for him?" This realization is Kåñëa consciousness. There are different kinds of realization, but ekatvam, a qualitatively oneness, is always there. The brahmavädi, impersonalist, they think that we are cent percent one with the Lord or the Supreme Absolute Truth, but that is not a fact. If one is cent percent one with the Supreme Lord, then how he has come under the control of mäyä? This question, they cannot answer.


So real identity is in the Vedic literature we find that just like the fire, big fire, and the sparks of the fire, they are of the same quality, but the small spark, when he goes out of the fire and falls elsewhere, then, at that time, its fiery quality becomes covered. So this covering becomes manifest according to different qualities. Just like the fire. If a fire spark, if it drops on the water, then it is, it assumes completely extinguished. Similarly, the living entity, although qualitatively the fire, with God, when it contacts the modes of ignorance, his spiritual quality becomes almost extinct. When he is on the land, not on the water, then there is something, heat. Similarly, when the living entity is in the rajo-guëa, the quality of passion, there is some hope. And when the living entity is in goodness... Just like the same spark, if it drops on the grass, dry grass, then the same spark of fire ignites another fire, another blazing fire. Similarly, if one is in goodness, then he can create a spiritual association. Just like the same example, that the small spark of fire, if it falls in favorable circumstances, or in dry grass, then it can ignite fire.

So one has to come, therefore, to the platform of goodness in this material world. If one does not come to the platform of goodness... The platform of goodness is the brahminical qualification. That we are preaching. Our Kåñëa consciousness movement is to bring some men on the platform of goodness. The world requires it now. The world is need of some brähmaëas, qualified brähmaëas. Not that... You are being trained up to become qualified brähmaëas. So be always careful that you may not contact the quality of passion and ignorance. Passion and ignorance will induce you... Käma lobha, lust and greediness. That is the sign of passion and ignorance. And when you are in goodness, then you can see things as they are. Then you can see yourself, that you are not matter; you are spirit soul. And if you make further advance, then you understand that "I am eternal part and parcel of the Supreme Lord, the fiery spark." So that ekatvam anupaçyataù, in this verse, ekatvam, that qualitatively one, not quantitatively. You are one with God qualitatively. You cannot be equal with God quantitatively. That ekatvam.

Thank you. Go on. Chant Hare Kåñëa. (end)


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